Finally I Found You (Zayn Malik)

Zayn Is A Popstar Looking For Love But He Hardly Has Time To Look For A Girl With The Busy Schedule And All But He Wants To Find True Love And Share His Exprience With Someone. But He Tries To Look For A Girl On Every Concert Or Meet & Greets But Some How Nun Of The Fans Seemed To Interest Him.
Norma Is A Regular Girl Who Wants To Find Love. She Seems To Get Hurt Alot. She Still Has Faith In Love But She Wants To Find The Right One This Norma's Friends Invited Her To A Meet & Greet For A band She Just Heard Of Since It Was The Beginning For The Boys.
When The Girls Finally Meet The Boys , Zayn Saw something In her , But He Let Her Get away , 2 Years Passed (Now) and the boys came back to Dallas & A running girl bumbs into Zayn he recognized her and he saw fear in her eyes like if she was running from something her someone. Is Zayn able to find why she has so much fears and was running from something
Will Norma and Zayn Make Eye Contact again And Be Sure They Are Made For Each Other ?!


2. The Talks

Norma Pov ;

Well Tonight Me And My 2 Bestfriends Macy And Stephanie are having a sleep over, I wasnt really in the mood I was still a little upset about my break up but I guess I need girl time with the girls, but I really wasnt in the mood for there girl On girl on girl talks.
"So girl have you heard that new song?!" Macy said with a smile "What new song?" I asked pretending I was exited about the night "Do you mean what makes you beautiful from that boy band erm One Direction?!?" Steph asked her "Yes! Oh my gosh I love that song! Its so ahhh" they started fangirling , "Werent Those boys on X-factor?" I asked, I heard the single What Makes You Beautiful and seen that X-factor when they additiom and made it To Simmon's House but Since then I stopped watching it not because I was bored but because I had a really busy time trying to look for a place for me to live and all "Yeah They Did Oh My goah there going to be in townnext week for a meet & greet we should go!" Macy said , while Steph Agreed with her, they both looked at me waiting for an answer but I couldnt with a mouth full of popcorn I.froze completly looking at them and them looking at me "So Norma want to go or what?!" Steph asked me I shrugged my shoulders and nooded my head with a Sure why not look on my face, "Yay!" They said going back to fangirling, I just stared at them and acted like I was in the same page as them when really I didnt know what I was thinking about I wanted to go to bed and just hide under the covers and never wake up!

Zayn Pov;
I was packing getting ready for the morning to leave and meet up with the boys we were heading to Dallas for a Week and we had a meet & greet next week I wasnt so exited I mean I was but like I dont know I really wanted some one to talk to about my trip, I could talk about it with the boys but my guess is they feel the same way, as I was packing someone knocked in my door "Come in" I said as my mum walked in "Hey sweetie, you want to go and have a cup of tea with me and your sisters?" She asked me "Yeah mum let me just finish packing and I will go.downstairs" I said getting a few shirts out the closet "Sweetie I can tell something isnt right, You okay?!" She asked with a concern look on her face "Yeah Mum everything is fine" I said still getting out some shirts "Your not fooling me come on talk to me" she said giving me a look that just made me so un comfortable "I Feel Lonely At times, like I have alot of exiting things I want to share with some one but she's not there" I said slowly sitting down next to the suit case on my bed, My mum walked in and sat next to me "Awh Honey it takes time, im sure she will come sooner or later just dont lose faith in yourself , and im your mum you can talk to me" she said giving me a warm smile that made me smile I loved that about my mum she had a smile that made me smile on my bad times "Thanks Mum" I said hugging her and her hugging me back "I Love you baby" she said still hugging me "Love you to mum" I said, and slowky let go of me and gave me a gentle kiss in the cheek "Come on sweetie me and your sisters will help you pack later lets get some tea"........
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