Finally I Found You (Zayn Malik)

Zayn Is A Popstar Looking For Love But He Hardly Has Time To Look For A Girl With The Busy Schedule And All But He Wants To Find True Love And Share His Exprience With Someone. But He Tries To Look For A Girl On Every Concert Or Meet & Greets But Some How Nun Of The Fans Seemed To Interest Him.
Norma Is A Regular Girl Who Wants To Find Love. She Seems To Get Hurt Alot. She Still Has Faith In Love But She Wants To Find The Right One This Norma's Friends Invited Her To A Meet & Greet For A band She Just Heard Of Since It Was The Beginning For The Boys.
When The Girls Finally Meet The Boys , Zayn Saw something In her , But He Let Her Get away , 2 Years Passed (Now) and the boys came back to Dallas & A running girl bumbs into Zayn he recognized her and he saw fear in her eyes like if she was running from something her someone. Is Zayn able to find why she has so much fears and was running from something
Will Norma and Zayn Make Eye Contact again And Be Sure They Are Made For Each Other ?!


5. Meet & Greet Day .

*Zayn's POV*
Me and the boys woke up really early this morning ready for the meet and greet .
"You ready for another meet & greet Zayn?" Louis asked me as he playfully shoved me .
"No" I said as I put my jacket on .
"Lets go boys!" Paul said as he walked in the room .
"Im ready , just dont know about pretty boy here" Louis said as he looked at me and gave me a smirk .
"Zayn you ready?" Paul asked me .
"Yeah im ready" I said as I got my phone and walked out the door .
About a few minutes we made it to the mall .
We went through the back so fans wouldnt see us and attack us .
We finally made it to our booth and we started signing and taking picture with fans .
It took us a few hours .
"Any luck Mate?" Niall asked .
"Nope" I said , I was starting to get upset .
About another 30 Minutes .
We decided to take a quick break .
When we went back to our meet & greet I was to busy signing posters .
When out of no where a girl trips right in front of the table .
I quickly got up to help her up .
Before I knew it she was already up .
"Ugh how dare you trip me!" The girl said as she started yelling at another girl and they started arguing .
The girl was about to attack the other girl , but I pulled her back .
"LET ME GO!" She yelled .
"Love calm down!" I said , when Paul got the other girl out the crowd .
I let the girl go .
"What was that all about?" I asked the girl as she got down to get her things , I got down to help her .
When I was about to look up to hand her wallet , our eyes met .
She had some beautiful light brown eyes .
She was beautiful , her lips , her eyes .
We stared at each other for a while .
"Norma!" Some girls came up to her and picked her up .
Her eyes were still locked to mine and my eyes were locked on hers .
"Lets go before we get kicked out!" One of her friends said , as she pulled her away .
Before I knew it they were gone .
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