Finally I Found You (Zayn Malik)

Zayn Is A Popstar Looking For Love But He Hardly Has Time To Look For A Girl With The Busy Schedule And All But He Wants To Find True Love And Share His Exprience With Someone. But He Tries To Look For A Girl On Every Concert Or Meet & Greets But Some How Nun Of The Fans Seemed To Interest Him.
Norma Is A Regular Girl Who Wants To Find Love. She Seems To Get Hurt Alot. She Still Has Faith In Love But She Wants To Find The Right One This Norma's Friends Invited Her To A Meet & Greet For A band She Just Heard Of Since It Was The Beginning For The Boys.
When The Girls Finally Meet The Boys , Zayn Saw something In her , But He Let Her Get away , 2 Years Passed (Now) and the boys came back to Dallas & A running girl bumbs into Zayn he recognized her and he saw fear in her eyes like if she was running from something her someone. Is Zayn able to find why she has so much fears and was running from something
Will Norma and Zayn Make Eye Contact again And Be Sure They Are Made For Each Other ?!


6. A Year and A Few Months Before

*Norma's POV*
"Stop! Leave me alone!" I yelled hoping this bastard of my boyfriend got off me .
"Why?! Lets have fun" He said .
"Jay! Get of! No! You are drunk! Get the fuck off me!" I said as I pushed him off .
I quickly got up from the couch and tried heading off to the door .
"Where the fuck you think you are going?!" Jay yelled .
"Home! And one more thing its over!" I said as I was about to open the door .
Jay got up grabbed my hand and pushed me hard against the door .
"Let me go!!" I yelled as I struggled to get away .
He started kissing down my neck .
I struggle so much , but the best I could do is knee him down in his area .
He got down on his knees , I quickly open the door and ran off .
Behind me , I heard him yelling , I turned around and I saw him running after me .
I speed up a little .
When I made a turned I was still looking back for sign of Jay , Accidently I bumped into some One .
Luckly I didnt fall .
"Uh...Sorry" I said as I turned around and saw Jay bout make his turn .
I took a quick look at the guy .
For second our eyes met , but then I realised Jay .
I quickly took off and speed up even more when I came across an alley .
Damn im screwed , I tried escapinb but Jay was so fast .
He caught up to me .
"You wont get away with it that easily!" Jay said as he slap me and pushed me so hard I hit my head and before I knew it everything went blank .
But but before that heard voice .

*Zayn's POV*
The boys and I were back on Dallas for tour .
It was around 5:3O .
I wanted to go out for some fresh air .
So Liam went out and walked around .
"Zayn , you think you will see that girl again?!" Liam asked as we made a turned .
I sighed "I dont know lad , I mean she is a Directioner , hopefully she goes to the concert" I said hoping to see that girl again , from all the girls at meet and greets she cought my eyes .
Liam and I talked about Jane Doe .
When suddenly a running girl bumped into me .
I cought her in my arms .
I looked at Liam who Looked at me .
Which we both looked at the girl who was looking back .
She quickly looked at me .
Then back , then at me again .
Those brown eyes , they were fimiliar , but they had fear .
The girl looked back again .
And took off .
Before Liam and I noticed she was gone .
Suddenly A guy comes running pas us after her .
He looked angry .
"Zayn , I think he's chasing her" Liam said as he signal me to follow .
We ran after the guy .
We came to a stop at an alley , we saw the boy and the girl .
Suddenly that bastard slapped her .
I felt so angry I just lost it .
"NEVER HIT A GIRL!" I yelled .
Next thing I know , we were on a fist fight .
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