Unexpected Love

Mackenzie was a town girl she lived in Victoria,Texas.She worked on the farm with her mom and dad.She was poor but not that poor.She was a beautiful girl ,she had allots of boyfriends but never found true love.She had golden brown hair,had the perfect heigth,she is 16 years old but theres one thing Mackenzie hates about herself.Her Eyes.Her eyes are the most beautiful thing in her,but she hates them they are blue with a dash of purple,she has to wear contacts from people not discovering theme.One Day her mom and dad died on an accident while working in the farm.5 moths later Mackenzie had to move to Los Angeles,California when she found out her Aunt Lydia had custody of her until she turned 18.A year later she got used to her new life,her amazing aunt and her 2 new best friends.But new neighbors move in.It turns out It becomes Unexpected Love.


1. The news

Mackenzie's P.O.V

I woke up thinking this was all a nightmare that my parents never died.This was all unexpected.

I went into the bathroom to take a shower ,as i got in i felt the cold water runnig down my skin,then turning into a warm shower.When i got out i went to change.I slipped on some skinny black pants and i put on a white blouse,i got my old grey chucks.I ran downstairs and jumping in the kitchen.For a moment there I'd thought i'd heard my dad said "Morning Mackenzie".Turns out it was just my imagination.Then I thought I smelled my mom's homemade strawberry pancakes,but it was just the smell of the burning toast.Crap! I got them out quickly,still hot.Great not only do I get Sad memories I also get burning toast for breakfreast.Suddenly,there was a knock at the door I jumped out of my seat to get the door.

I opened the door and there was a tall man standing with a suitcase,I realized it was our lawyer and by us i mean my parents and me,well he helped us with the funeral and some other stuff.Its been long sinced I seen him.5 months passed.

''May I help you ?'' I asked in a firmly voice.

''Yea,Your Mackenzie rigth ?'' he asked.

''Uhh yea'' I responded

''Well during 5 months we've been searching for someone to take care of you before you turn 18 and well we found your Aunt,shes your mom's sister ,she lives in California.We told her that you'll be living with her until you turn 18,unless you still want to live there.I recomend that you get packing becuse she will be expecting you on friday.A van will pick you up,and take you to San Antonio,Tx since its the closest city with an airport well thats all I got to say and have a good day mam.''

I closed ther door quietly.What is wrong with him coming to my house and telling me i'll be moving to California,that I have an aunt that I never knew of and i still cant believe my mom had a sister and never told me.

What is going on I am soo confused?????

Everything is happening so Unexpected !!!!


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