The Love Game

Rose is the popularist girl in the school with the best clothes and the hottest boyfriends. When 5 boys move next door to her, she falls in love with Niall Horan. Niall on the other hand wasn't interested but said yes when Rose asks him out. That's when The Love Game begins. Rose uses Niall's 4 best friends to make him jealous and want her back. When Rose starts to develop feelings for Zayn, will it all work out or does Niall really start to love her.


1. New Kids

"Brrrrgggggg" my alarm went. I sighed and got out of my bed and made my way to the bathroom. I hopped in the shower and let the cold water wake me up. I quickly got out and dried my self with a towel. I decided on wearing denim shorts to show off my tan legs, a black singlet and my white, flowy 'Kiss Me' top which came to the middle of my stomach. I put on my black toms, straightened my blonde hair and put on some eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. I went downstairs and to see my Mum cooking some breakfast. My older sister Cat, older brother Matt, my younger sister Macy and my younger brother Max sat at the dining table eating. Cat just looked me up and down and glared at me. Gosh, how I hated her.

"Morning Mum" I say to her and kiss her cheek.

"Morning Rosealie" She says. I hated it when she called me by my full name. I grabbed an apple and made my way outside to my red convertable. As soon as I got out, the bright sun hit my face making me feel warm. I pumped up the music and made my way over to my bestfriend, Ashley's house. She lived a few streets away in this massive house, way too big for her Mum, her brother and her. Her parents had gotton divorced when she was young.

She hopped in the wearing some shorts and a cute, pink tee. Her brown hair was put up in a messy bun but she still looked beautiful. We headed towards school, arriving a few minutes earlier than usual. I got out grabbing my stuff and headed over to my locker where my current boyfriend, Sam was waiting.

"Morning Beautiful" he says, while hugging me tightly. I lean back and kiss him on the cheek.

"Morning Sam" I say to him. I ruffle his blonde hair and start grabbing my books from my locker. We head over to homegroup and sit near the back, our usual seats. Mr. Hose starts taking the role and reading out the bulletin. While we wait for our Emglish teacher to come everyone else starts their own conversations while Sam slips his arm around my waist. He leans in and gives me a slow kiss on my lips.I put my hand on his chest and start kissing him back. I pull away smiling just in as Mrs. Ward walks in with 5 boys.

They must be the new kids. I must say the were pretty good looking. The one who introduced himself first as Niall Horan had blonde hair, blue eyes and a cute Irish accent. Louis Tomlinson had brown hair, blue eyes and a British accent. Zayn Malik had dark hair, brown eyes and a British accent aswell. Harry Styles had curly brown hair, green eyes and yet another British accent. Lastly Liam Payne who had his head shaved, brown eyes and a British accent. I caught Niall staring at me and I started to blush. They came and sat infront of Sam and me. They turned around and looked at me.

"Hi, I'm Rose!" I say as nicely as possible, smiling.

"Pretty name, just like you" says a smiling Niall. I feel Sam stiffin beside me and slip his arm around my waist. He leans in closer to me and I see Niall's face drop a bit at the sight of me and Sam.

"Niall!!" says Liam. "Stop flirting with her. You just got here!"

I laugh at the embarressed Niall and the other boys just smile. As English finishes, I head off to gym. I change into my gym shorts, Adidas tee and my runners. I put my hair into a messy bun and head out of the changerooms. I see that the new kids are also in my gym class. I wave at them and sit down next to Ashley.

"OMG!!! The new kids are SO hot!!" Ashley whispers to me.

"I guess they're alright" I whisper back to her. Ashley just raises her eyebrows at me and I laugh lightly.

"Ok class. Partner up and lets head outside and kick some balls" The gym teacher, Mr. Smith says. The whole class erupts in a fit of laughter and I just head outside. Me and Ashley kick the football to eachother untill class ends. I change quickly and head to my locker to get my purse.

I head to the canteen and buy some water. I sit next to Sam at the popular kids table thats in the middle of the cafeteria. He smiles and kisses me on the lips. Ashley comes and sits on the other side of me and we start discussing what we were gonna wear tonight to Sam's party. Sam's parents were never home and he was always having a party. Niall and his friends walk in and I invite them to sit at our table. Sam once again wraps his arm around my waist and kisses me on the lips.

"So are you guys busy tonight" Sam says to the boys.

"No, not really" Liam answers for the rest of the guys. "Why?"

"I'm having a huge party tonight and you guys should come and make some new friends" Sam answers.

"Sure!" they all say. Sam tells them the address and the exchange phone numbers. I exchange phone numbers with them aswell. The rest of the day went quickly and I went home feeling very cheerful. My parents just look at me strangely as I skip around the house hugging them. I go up to my room and layed down on my bed smiling.


Authors Note:

This is my first Movella so please leave comments on how I should improve and if you like it or not. Thanks :)

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