The Plan

Jen and a few friends have a plan to meet one direction but what will happen if the plan dosent work out like they plan or the meet them ahead of time . will there be a new girl in one direction or just a friend with benifit will there be love or hate just read to find out


10. Trouble in many ways

Jens POV

I can't believe what I just saw . I saw rose making out with Niall . That backstabbing bitch . First she does it with Pagie and now with me I thought she was my friend but I guess not and she knows I like Niall . I ran I just ran to my room but I ran into something " are you ok Jenna " Liam said " NO rose and Niall were making out in the kitchen " " what ? " " you heard me now I'm leaving to go eat ice cream and watch chickflixs and listen to sad song with ma girls " I ran in to the room and went to bed and started crying my heart out " jen are you ok " still crying " what happened " " Niall Niall kiss kissing ro Rose" " that bitch " Laila said in her sassy voice that's makes me laugh " thanks Laila now lets watch chickflixs and eat ice cream " " ya " all of them said . We went over to the living room And put in the notebook when the movie finished we are 3 tubs of ice cream and all of us were crying " this is soo sad " all of us said in different way . Then there was a knock on the door " none of us of us look good " Pagie said " I'll go " I said I walked to the door opened it and just slammed it because it was Niall and I really didn't feel like talking to him right now . " wait Jenna " he said thur the door " Pagie please tell the boy at the door to get " I said to her " ok " and she walked to the door doing the same thing I did slammed the door and walked away " Rachel go do it " she said trying not to be pissed off
"Ok " she walked to the door and let the boys in " I'm going to my room " I said " me to Pagie followed " wait Jen can we talk " Niall said with those blue eyes " no we can't and don't Jen me you can call Jenna " I said with my attitude . I walked away into my room and just cried . I changed it my pjs and went to sleep .

* morning *

I woke up to pans droppings in the kitchen . I looked to see what time it was on my phone and there was a note next to it


Jenna ,
I'm really sorry about what you saw but I was just making a sandwich and rose came in and kissed me . But I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me @ 3 . Don't wear anything fancy cause were going to the beach and fans might be there
- Niall xxx


Aww ok ya ill go on the date but right now I'm going to see who dropped the pan . When I walked over to the I
Kitchen I saw Niall Liam and Harry trying to cook something " excuse
me " they all jumped " you scared me " all of them said " what the hack are you doing in my kitchen " I asked them " oh we're trying to cook you and Pagie breakfast as a peace offering " Liam said " oh ok I'm going back to sleep " " bye " they all said

Liam's POV

When rose kissed Niall my best mate it's was over for us I didn't really like her but it was kindof to make Paige jealous . I know it was the wrong thing to do but it works with all the other boys . Me and Niall needed to go apologies to the girls . Jenna opened the door then slammed it I don't blame her Paige opened the door and slammed it too still don't blame them finally Rachel opened the door an let us in but Jenna and Paige really didn't want to talk to us . We just slept on the couch and left a note for Paige and Jenna we planed a double date at the beach to make it up to them . When we woke up we planed to make breakfast for them but Niall dropped a pan and woke Jenna up but she went back to sleep. She must really love sleep . We made them pancakes eggs and bacon with the help of harry . We walk to their rooms with the food and gently woke them up but the were already awake . " made breakfast " was all I heard from Jenna " hey boys " she said after " morning " I said . We walked over to their beds set down the food and just talked

***little bit after ***

" so we were planing on taking you girls to the beach later " I said hoping Paige would say yes " I' ll go "Jenna said cause she already forgave Niall "I'm not going I have a few things to do " Paige said " oh ok " I said trying not to sound sad but Niall already patted my back and gave a comforting smile . " I'm going to go see what the others are doing " Paige said . We all stood up and walked to the living room " AHHHH " Paige screamed " what happened " I asked " just don't go in there " but Jenna already went in " Harry stop eating Laila's face " she yelled from the room . We all walked in with Louis ruining around and saying carrots lots of times .

Paige's POV

I really didn't want to say no to Liam but u still don't forgive him for what he did to me . I waney into my room acting like I had something to do " hey I'm going to go with Niall now ok " Jen said " wait are you ok " " ya I'm fine " I told her " PB I know you like the back of my hand " " it's fine J just go have fun " " ok whatever you say " she finally left . Now back to thinking.

Jens POV

I know something's up With PB she hasn't been as crazy lately well in going to the beach with the boy I like what could be better . Niall took me to this really nice beach that only had a little bit of people " I'm going I go get something from the car babe " Niall said wait he just called me babe . I was mentally screaming inside " ok " . I just sat on the sand until I was hit by a rock " what the hell " I whispered to my self oh well I closed my eyes until something blocked the sun . I opened them and 2 girls were in front of me " may I help you " I said k owing this was going o be trouble " ya you can you can stay away from Niall to help us " one of them said " not going to happen "I said with a smile
" bitch please why would niall even want to go out with you your a slut and everybody knows your just using him " the other one said . I wasn't going to let it get to me so I just went all Spanish / ghetto on them " look hoe I think I'm better looking than you do you see what your wearing I think there's something called clothes now and people use it now a days and who goes cake faced to the beach isn't I going to run " I said feeling not letting in get to me " OMG IT'S NIALL " one of them said or should I say screamed I felt a hand on my shoulder " omg can we have a picture"
" sure " Niall said " here you can take the picture " she handed the camera to me " ok " I said all preppy " 1 2 3 " I said . They finally left and it was just me and Niall " I saw what you did " " oh you saw that " I said kind of embarrassed " ya none of my girlfriends have every done that they would just cry and I would have to comfort them " " we'll that's how we do where I'm from " we walked on the beach and just talked we went in the water " you hungry " he asked me " ya a little " I said we went back to our towel and he had brought a picnic basket . He took out some fruits and sandwiches . We ate and talked . "Jen can I ask you something ". " ya " " will you go out with me " wait did he just ask me that . " yes yes yes a million times yes " he smile and I gave him a quick kiss but then he leaned in and we kissed passionately .i felt like it was the forth of July in side me. We finally finished and just stared into each others eyes . We stared to pack up and we saw the girls from before and I felt Niall grab my hand " I want to show them I'm your " we walked until we heard camera sounds " run " Niall whispered then we started running to the car and drove

Rose POV

I started packing cause I finally got to go to a race . I'm a pro sailer and I'm going to New Zealand for a race . I glad cause there will e lots if cute boys there and I don't have these " friends " to bother me . Ok ya so I used Liam but oh well . I finished packing and went out Togo to the pool . I soo glad I'm leaving tomorrow.

Next day

I'm leaving yes I got ready and Zayn and Paige were on the couch " ready to go " Zayn asked " yep " we walked to the car and drove to the airport . They dropped me off saying bye and I went inside .

Paige's POV

I can't wait for one of my bestfriends to come " hey Zayn go over there ad we have to wait 20 mins " I told him
" why " " because Lin is coming " he did what he was told and she texted me that she was here . I walked inside to wait for her and I just turned around for a second " rawwr " I jumped but then remembered that Lin did that . " hey gurlllll " I said " hey wait is that Zayn from 1 D " " ya lets go " " ok but why is Zayn following us " " he's driving us " "ooooook " we walked to the car and just talked and talked and I told her what has happened so far . When we went home we told the girls we have a surprise for them and when I walked in to Jenna and Niall were cuddling and talking " I have to show you something J " "ok come on Niall " they all walked out and I told lingo come out " OMG IT'S MY LY'NESE " Laila said they had the best relationship out of all of us we all had a group huge and Jen wanted to tell us something " ok so yesterday me and Niall went to the beach and he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes " " awwwwww " we all practically said . " I already knew it was all over the tv " Laila said " ya cause the papz saw us " Jenna said
" I'm so happy for you it's just like we thought " I said to her . We all went in our pjs and watched movies and just talked " I'm really tired going to bed " I said " bye love " they all said

Liam's POV

I had Togo and talked to Paige I went over knocked on the door and Jenna answered it " Paige is in her room just knock " I walked over to her door and she told me to come in " oh " she said " Paige can we talk " " sure " " ok I really didn't want to go out with rose its just I wanted to make you jealous But I really didn't want to hurt you I'm super sorry and hope you can forgive me "

What's Paige going to say to him and sorry for the crappy chapter pandas I've had writers block fora while but hope your like it and the new people that are going to come in and 1 more thing Jenna Paige and Rachel are all Olympians . Jenna - shooting Paige - gymnastics Rachel - track
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