The Plan

Jen and a few friends have a plan to meet one direction but what will happen if the plan dosent work out like they plan or the meet them ahead of time . will there be a new girl in one direction or just a friend with benifit will there be love or hate just read to find out


2. the Flight to Miami



 Jens P.O.V 

  We finally arrived to Miami after 2 hours I was super tired but at least I'm here with my besties right. We finally got off of the plane now off to the baggage claim. "Jen where is your mom going to meet us?" Rose asked like she was dying to take a nap "Ughh let me text her". To MOM : hey r u here yet ,From MOM : yep outside , To MOM :kk c u in a few . "She's outside but can we get some starbucks I'm really tired " i asked all of them "YES" they said together 

After we got our starbucks and started to walk outside and saw a whole lot of paparazzi and alot of crazy fans i guess singing a One direction song .Wait  minute that means that they are in this airport OMG OMG OMG my dream just came true and maybe the plan will work. 


 "Ok girls were going to Miami to see them but before that were just going to wait outside the venue and wait for them . They will just ask us if we have tickets and we'll say no and then we get VIP tickets ". Yes i really think that could work they all said 


  "Jen jen jen JENNA COME BACK TO EARTH" Pagie yelled at me "yes PB " i asked her    "guess whos over there ???" she said with a mysterious smile on her face  " I really don't know who " i said knowing who was over there "ONE DIRECTION "  she started screaming at me " ok jes and you said you werent a directioner as much as me " 


Pagies P.O.V.

i started hearing WMYB but not by 1D by a whole bunch of girls and then i saw a curley head OMG it was Harry but i don't really like Harry cause of his habit .Ughh that just gives me chills thinking about it . Then i saw a blondey thats Niall after the whole band was outside i finally saw Liam MY FAVORITE  I was chrushing on him more because i didn't  have a boyfriend cause he broke up with me and went out with a stuck up b***h . So now Liam is so the guy i want to go out with now and him and his girlfriend broke up a while ago . i have a plan now "guys come over here i have something to tell you guys " they all walk over to were  was standing and i told them my plan " ok so I have a plan were going to walk over by them and one of us is going to bump into one of them one then we will start a convo  ok got it ladies " "YA BUDDY !!!" Jen said getting us a few stairs "ok lets go I'm going to run it to Liam cause he's on  the side " I said screaming inside cause i was about to run into LIAM PAYNE 


 Lailas P.O.V. 

OK so we got starbucks were outside of a airport there are crazy fans outside and my boyfriend just broke up with me over text how else could my day get worse. Well i guess i could just enjoy being with my real friends not that bitch i call my friend that stole my boyfriend but you know what screw them. 


Jens P.O.V.

Ok so PB's plan is going to work i know it . I look over to my side and see a depressed girl named Laila (my twin) "Twiny whats wrong " I asked really scared " Ramesesse just broke up with me over text " she said with tear in her eye " THAT ASSHOLE !! " i said causing a few stairs again but  saw a blonde boy looking to and the rest of One direction. Oh God there walking over here " Are you alright love " Zayn said in his lovely accent " ya Im good " Laila stared but i cut her off " No she isn't her boyfriend broke up with her over the fucking phone " Harry just walked over to Laila and gave her a big hug . He whispered something in her ear and she nodded . Oh jes what is she getting herself into . Well if she can get Harry I can get Niall . I walk over to were the rest of 1D is and introduce myself " Hi Im Jenna but my friends call me Jen and thats Laila , Pagie, Rose and Rachel " they all said waving when i said there names '' Nice to meet you love '' Niall said " same here " 



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