The Plan

Jen and a few friends have a plan to meet one direction but what will happen if the plan dosent work out like they plan or the meet them ahead of time . will there be a new girl in one direction or just a friend with benifit will there be love or hate just read to find out


9. Pool side with the boys

Paige's POV

We went by the pool waiting for the boys . I wonder what's taking them so long . You know how people say you would heard Niall before you see him well that's true . We heard his laugh then finally saw the boys .
" what took you guys so long " Rose asked looking at Liam as she said it . I began to feel this feeling in my heart and belly . I've only felt this once when Hazel went out with my ex to make me jealous . Ugh Rose knows I like Liam I wonder what happened . They all started going inside the pool " PB u coming " Jen asked waving her hand in front of my face . " ya I was just think " . We all went inside the pool and just had fun but rose was on Liam's shoulders . " Zayn why are rose and Liam so close " I asked Zayn wanting to know the answer " didn't she tell you their going out it happened when you and Jenna went up to your room early " I had a sharp pain in my heart like someone just stabbed me . I can't do this any more " I'm going to go up to my room I don't feel so good " I said using my acting skills to fake it " you ok Pagie " Rachel and everybody else asked " no my belly hurts I'm going to go to sleep " " bye just call if you need anything " Jen said .

Zayns POV

After I told Pagie Liam's with Rose she said she wasn't feeling good but I knew she was just acting . Wait then Pagie must like Liam . Oh crap what did I just do .

Jens POV

PB isn't really sick I know her to well se said she was sick after she talked with Zayn ." Zayny come over here " I told him " but it's to deep " " ok I'm coming " . " what did you say to Pagie " I asked with a don't give me crap look . " I told her that Liam and Rose are going out " " wait what " " Liam and rose are going out " " that bitch " " what did u just say " " nothing Zayn " I walked away from Zayn and told the other people I was going to go check on Pagie " can I come " Niall and Louis asked me " sure " we walked up to the elevator pressed our floor and walk to the room I told the boys to stay outside just in case something happens they shouldn't see . " PB where are you ?" I heard sniffles from our room and there was a crying Pagie . Omg I hate seeing her like this . " he's he's he's with rose" I heard her say in between cries . " it's ok remember she's going to live for New York soon and their going to break up ok " I said trying to put a smile on her face and it did . All of a sudden the door slams open and Louis and Niall are outside of it

Louis POV
I was getting tried of waiting outside this long " I'm going inside " I said to Niall " no you can't Jenna said we have to wait " "oh well " I busted the door open and see Jenna next to Pagie that has a puffy face with tear marks . The only reason I wanted to go up with Jenna is because I want to see Pagie because I have a little bit of feelings for her but she likes Liam

Paige's POV
I still don't get it liam and I both like each other but he's with Rose . Oh well I'm to young to stress so I'm just going to sit here and watch tv with Jen . " you guys want to watch tv " " sure " I got for the responses " lets watch man vs food " Niall said " NO WE'RE WATCHING AFV " Louis said or should I say yelled " ya I like that show " I switched the tv to AFV and we laughed the whole night long . I started getting sleepy and didn't realize I was laying on Louis cause the sitting was Jenna and Niall on her bed and me and Louis on my bed .
After AFV finished we all went to sleep until we hear noises in Laila's room . I was the first on to wake up I didn't want to move to much to wake Louis but that didn't really work . Niall was half asleep abs Jenna was just knocked out . Jes that girl loves her sleep . I went to see what was happening . I knocked on the door and Rachel answered it they were having a pillow fight without us . " you guys were having fun without us " I said in a sad voice " well you guys were asleep " rose said in a ugh voice " I have a idea we should wake up Jenna " Laila said with a smirk on her face " I don't think you should mess with sleep " Zayn said " let's do it " Harry said ignoring zayns statement We went to the kitchen to get whipped cream and other things . I got a marker to five her tattoos . We went inside the room . They look so peaceful sleeping . " Niall come out its going to get ugly quickly " I said . He did what I said not knowing what's happening . First l drew a tattoo that said I love Niall on her arm and NIALL all over her and the others drew other things to . Then Laila put the cream on her hand and tickled her face we all run out of the room and wait until we hear a really high pitched scream and some cursing .
" WHAT THE FU* k DID U DO U GOT ALL THIS SH*T ON MY FACE AND I HAVE FU*KING SHARPIE ON MY BODY I HATE ALL OF YOU " she said going into the bathroom " we'll that could have gone better " Harry said " ugh that's the most pissed I've every seen her " Rachel said " I told you not to mess with sleep " Zayn said " whatever Zayn " Louis said " I'm going to go check on her " I said walking over to the bathroom " you ok J " " leave me alone " " Niall get over her your girlfriend is upset " " he's not my boyfriend ... Yet " " I heard that " " i just want to stay in here and get the marker off of me " " ok but we're going to Puccas pizza " " five me 10 minutes " I walked away from the bathroom and walked over to the group " she's coming out but were going to go get pizza " ok they all said in unison
10 minutes later
Jenna came out and we all walked to the car . I saw Niall grab Jenna's hand . I wish I had that with Liam . " Watch out we're coming thur " Harry yelled and Laila on his back and I wish I had that to .

At Puccas pizza

" I'll have 2 large pizzas one cheese one pepperoni " Jenna's ordered " and a medium meat lovers " Niall cut her off " ok that will be ready in a few minutes " the person behind the desk said " ok thanks love " Harry said to the person " wait your Harry Styles from One Direction " " yes yes I am " " can we have a picture for our wall " " sure " the boys gathered around the owner to take the picture " would you ladies like to be in the picture " " sure " we all walked over to the picture and flash it was over . We went back to eating our pizza and then we heard WMYB sung by girls with really bad voices Rachel looked out the window and saw a whole lot of fans out side the pizza place " there are fans outside what do we do " Rachel said " excuse me do you have a back door " Liam said to the owners " ya come this way " we walked over to the owner and walked out . " that was close " I said with a sigh " ya " Liam said . Ugh I don't really want to talk to him right now he's a pain in the ass and I guess a player cause he said he likes me and then he goes out with rose . Oh well . " LOOK IT'S THEM " " RUN " Louis said . Rachel of course was in the front cause she did track and Jenna almost right be hind her and then just a big clump of us but Liam in the lead almost by Jenna and Rachel . We ran a whole 4 blocks to stay away from the girls . " I don't think I've every run so fast " rose said " I lost the pizza and now some random person can it " guess who said that Niall " it's ok we can go there tomorrow " Jen said with a smile

After we went up in our rooms

Jens POV
I went on twitter and I got a whole bunch of mentions but it was mostly hate . I started reading them but til my self not to " PB and lays ( Laila ) check your twitter " I yelled at them
"Why " " just do it " " how the heck did they find us " Pagie said " I really don't know I'm going to go tell Niall" I said to them I walked over to the boys room and Zayn answered the door " he's in the kitchen " " thanks " I walked over to the kitchen opened the door to see



Hey pandas hope you enjoyed I know this was kindof crappy but I was being rushed by a person . But tell me what you think Jenna's going to see . I'm not giving it away
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