The Plan

Jen and a few friends have a plan to meet one direction but what will happen if the plan dosent work out like they plan or the meet them ahead of time . will there be a new girl in one direction or just a friend with benifit will there be love or hate just read to find out


5. Limo ride to the Hilton

Nialls POV:
I wanted to sit next to Jenna but i guess i moved to quick and u sat in her instead wow how embarrassing was that " Sorry Jen didn't mean to sit on you " I said with sorry eyes " it's ok but do you want to sit next to me instead of on me " i moved off of her ad sat next to her . After that there was an awkward silence and Louis says "IM BORED!! We should play a game" Laila said " what game?" And Louis says " truth or dare!!" I could see that Jenna was kind of sad I asked " what's wrong?" She said " well every time I play truth or dare I get asked about my love life or I have to kiss my ex" I said " well I can sit out with you " she refused. I said" come on I don't care " she finally said yes and I started getting to know her better.

Liam POV:
Louis idea for truth or dare was going great until Harry dared me to say who I fancied "I'm not telling" I said. Harry said " come on you big baby!" I sucked it up and mumbled" Paige " under my breath. Zayn and Harry were teasing me about it and then it Laila's dare was next.

Laila's POV:
Ok so I loved messing with Liam since we've met. And after he said he liked Paige I just had to mess with him. I had to dare someone next. "Paige I dare you to kiss Louis I said. I could see that Liam was giving me the evil eye but I just laughed. She did it but then couldn't look at Liam for the rest of the ride.

Paige's POV:
When we got out of the limo Jenna's mom wasn't quite there yet and Liam caught up with me. He said " how could you do that to me" I said " it was a dare!! I didn't even like him " he just looked so mad. We weren't even dating! Why was he so upset ?
"I'm really sorry Liam " I said. He smiled and said " it's ok and I'm sorry for being so controlling" I laughed. He held my hand. I was just happy. I had liked liam. He was my favorite one in the band and now he's holding my hand!

Jens p.o.v.
Ok so Niall and I were talkin the whole way . It was like we were the only people in the world just me and him . When we got out of the limo Niall held my hand and I just wanted to freeze this moment in time . After a minute I saw Liam grab PBs hand . Looks like their hitting off well I'm going to ask her later I'm just enjoying this moment . I saw my moms car pull up . " Mommy " I ran over to her " Jenjen " " I missed you so much mom " I went up to my mom and hugged her we haven't seen each other in a few months cause she moved to Miami and I didn't want to go cause I had a a few years of Schiller left and I don't want to start at a new school . I haven't been the new girl since kindergarten . When we let go my mom asked me " So where's One Direction ?" " over there want to go meet them and then you can leave " we didn't want to stay with my mom cause she lived in a 2 bedroom a condo ad 5 girls in there I think that would be trouble . " ok mom this is Niall , Liam , Zayn , Harry and Louis " I told her " oh ya I remember them from your walls " " mom stop " after we got all our stuff together we said bye to my mom and we went downstairs to explore more . When we were in the lobby we saw the boys again so we asked the what floor the were staying at "21 " Harry said " us to o my gosh were going to have a party all nite long " Laila said all excited and crap just because she's going to see Harry . " well I'm going up to my room I'm kind of tired " Pagie said and this was the perfect time to ask her about Liam " me to " I said with a smirk on my face . Me and Pagie went in to the elevator then walk to the room we shared " so Pagie I saw you and Liam holding hands what's up with that " I asked her with the same smirk on my face "I don't know what your talking about " oh PB sweet little PB " spill it Pagie "
" ok so on the limo when you and Niall were in lala land we were playing truth or dare Harry dare Liam to tell who he likes and he said me and Laila being her dared me to kiss Louis then Liam was sad and when we got out of the limo he yelled at me but then was really sorry and he held my hand " As she was saying the whole thing I was making a plan to get them together . " awww he must really like you " she blushed a little " And what about you and Niall ". Now she's asking the questions " well I really don't know we were asking questions to get to know each other better but I really dont know .

hey hope you liked it Pandas my friend Pagie helped me with this chapter well she wrote most of it . Yes the people in the story are really my friends so I'm basing it off of them and their favorite boy .
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