The Plan

Jen and a few friends have a plan to meet one direction but what will happen if the plan dosent work out like they plan or the meet them ahead of time . will there be a new girl in one direction or just a friend with benifit will there be love or hate just read to find out


7. Hilton wake ups

Liam's POV

That didn't look very right Jenna had a smirk on her face and she's with Pagie . Oh well the girls are very nice I guess they kind of like girl versions of us 5 of them 5 of us . But their kind of like mixtures of us . " Hey are you guys doing anything tomorrow ?" I asked hoping they would say no " No but we were thinking to go to bayside for shopping " Rose said I guess she's the responsible one . " Wait we were going shopping " and I guess Laila is the slow one or partyer . " yes Laila we were going shopping while you were listening to music we thought about it and Jenna was going to her uncles to say hi " Rachel said in a kind but dugh voice . " ok I fine with that I need new bras for Victoria's secrets " oh Laila . " Jes Laila did u have to share that with them " Rose asked with a embarrassed face " it's ok I have to deal with that with the boys " I said with a reassuring smile . " thanks I glad someone feels it " she said with a bug smile

Rose POV

Ok I know Pagie and Laila are going to hate me but I'm starting to like Liam but I always like Harry and I never told anyone . What should I do maybe ill meet a nice boy while we're here .

Rachel's POV

All the boys are nice but Louis scares me he's cute just a little bit to hyper he reminds me of my friend Katey from Cali . But I have a boyfriend so I can't like any of them .

Paige's POV

After I told Jen everything and she did we weren't really tired so we just talked and picked out our clothes for tomorrow she picked peach shorts and a Danger Radio blue tee and red toms I picked out a red sundress from forever 21 and navy blue toms . After we finished we went to our room we shared with the girls and just watched tv in bed .


when I woke up I realized Laila was missing OH GOD SHE'S WITH HARRY . " guys wear is Laila " no answer " Jen wake up " I started shaking her until I got hit ok then we'll jens not really a morning person . I got up and walked to the bathroom to see my hair and to go pee . The door was locked I knocked but nobody answered I grabbed a knife and opened the door to she Laila asleep in the shower oh well . " Laila wake up" I whispered " wake up" just a little louder "WAKE UP " I yelled " I'm up but where am I " Ok she's up good now I can go pee . " Harry's outside he wants to talk to you " that got her out of the bathroom in a second . Ok I did my business . When I can out I saw that the boys were here and were trying to wake up Jen . " that's not going to work I hope you know that " I said to every one " get some coffee she wakes up to the smell " I gave them a idea . Niall ran over to the machine but Harry had to held him . The things we have to do to wake up this girl . When the coffee was done Niall brought it over and put it by her nose when that didn't really work cause she moved to her side the coffee plan didn't work but laila got an Idea " let's tickle her " ok we said in unison everybody started tickling her until, she was awake after that she got really mean I mean super she started yelling and it wasnt very pretty after we all said we wouldn't do it again she went to the bathroom . " somebodys not a morning person I didn't know she could get that mean " I said with a wot tied expression on my face " I did one time she slapped her cousin super hard and he got in trouble for trying to hit back " Rachel said with a proud smile on her face " why did she slap him ? " Harry asked " cause he invited this boy named matthew over and he liked her but she really hated him so she was all like Mark in a really soft voice and just slapped him " everyone looked at Rachel with wide eyes . Until we heard the door open and Jen was with us " Are you talking about when I slapped Mark ? She asked " ya now i know not to get on your bad side " Niall said with a worried look on his face we all laugh and just talked the whole time
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