The Plan

Jen and a few friends have a plan to meet one direction but what will happen if the plan dosent work out like they plan or the meet them ahead of time . will there be a new girl in one direction or just a friend with benifit will there be love or hate just read to find out


8. Bayside

Jens pov

We all talked for a while until Rachel got a call on her phone Zayn picked it up and read the name "Jack with hearts on it " " ya that's my boyfriend I'm going to take this one outside . I really didn't see what she saw in him he cheated on her but she gave him a second chance.


We went to Bayside mall to go shopping and the boys wanted to come with us . The first store we went in was gap, old navy , nine west then Victoria's secrets . The boy wanted to go in the there but we didn't let the . They went to a bench and sat . When we were inside I looked out the window and saw no boys " a sh*t whered they go " I said in a really pissed voice . Then I heard a
Accent that has to be Harry I gave Paige my bag I went looking thur the store I finally saw one of the . It was Zayn " I TOLD YOU PEOPLE TO STAY OUTSIDE " I yelled softly " calm down Harry went in side here and were looking for him " he said " ok I know we're he should be follow me " I went directly were Laila's laugh was . Harry tryed hiding behind a shelf but it didn't work " Harry I see u I hope u know that " I said in a really pissed voice " if I can't see you you can't see me " O MY GOSH he's being so childish .

Harry's POV
Jenna found me! Ugh where do I hide. Oh behind this shelf!!! " I can see you harry!" Jenna yelled. "If I can't see you then you can't see me!" "Harry I can still see you!!" After that I decided to take everyone to hard rock café. When we got there I picked Laila up and put her on my back and ran to the door. Liam screamed " HARRY THAT'S NOT SAFE!!!" I yelled back " YOUR NOT MY DADDY!!" And kept running. Me and Laila got a table and waited for everyone else. Then Liam came in...

Liam's POV:
Harry put Laila on his back and they looked like they were going to fall. I told harry not to but he kept going. Rose came up to me and said " I like you liam. Like a lot. " in a flirty way. "Ummmm..." I said confused. I thought she liked harry. "So I think your hair looks nice today" she said. "Thanks?" Then Paige fell and said " Leeyum!!!!" Laughing a little bit. So I told rose I had to go help Paige and then I walked over laughing and said " are u ok? " she said yes and I helped her up. She asked " so what were u and rose talking about? " I didn't know what to say. "She said that you are a really great friend. " "ok" she said sarcastically. We got in the restaurant and I scolded harry. He could've gotten him and Laila hurt!

Paige's POV:
I saw harry and Laila take off into the restaurant then me jenna,zayn,and niall started talking while Rachel ran after them and Liam yelled at Harry. Niall asked me" so you like Liam I hear?" I laughed and said " I don't know. I think him and Rose have a thing" Zayn said " well do you want to get his attention?" Jenna chimed in" YES SHE DOES!!" I said " Jenna, can it!" Then Zayn said " ok so you pretend to fall and then ask him to help you. " so I faked a fall and actually hurt my knee which wasn't planned so I then said " Leeyum!!!!" And he came over laughing. He helped me up and then grabbed my hand as we went into a frenzy of paparazzi and fans. I still didn't know why rose was flirting with Liam when she might have to leave any second for figure skating. Plus he likes me!

Jenna's POV:
So me and Niall sat next to each other and that boy eats ALOT! NO LIE!!! I'm still trying to convince my self that this isn't a dream. I thought everyone was on the same page relationship wise and then harry asked Laila...

Laila POV:

We finally got back to the hotel. I had to get ready, pick out my outfit, have Jenna do my makeup, have Paige do my hair. Ugh!!!!!! Paige said " haha I can't believe your so stressed because Harry asked you out." I said " WHAT!?!! It's the most important date that I've had so far!!" I screamed as Paige was doing my hair the last thing I needed to be done. Then there was a knock on the door "I'll get it " said Rachel. It was harry! "IM NOT READY!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed really loudly hoping the people next to us wouldn't hear. Paige finished up my hair Then he came in and just looked. I was nervous cause he wasn't saying anything. " shall we go?" He said and I nodded as we walked out hand in hand " so where are you taking me " I asked breaking the silence " I can't tell you it's a surprise " he said with this big smirk on his face . He is so weird but I like him jut the way he is.

Harry got out of the car and went to my side to open the door . " thank you Harry " . We walked in side this really expensive restaurant I think it was a black tie place . We sat and we got our food really fast then we just talked and talked . Harry really doesn't seem like a flirt I don't know what people talk about .

Jens POV

Harry came up to me early and asked where he should take Laila on their date . I said this really nice black tie place on the beach . Me and Pagie had no plans so we told rose and Rachel that we were going over to the boys room . Harry left his key over here so we took it ad went over to their suit . We opened the door to 3 boys in their underwear and Liam trying to stopped them from running around " OMG " me and Pagie both turned around and covered our eyes " is it safe to look " Pagie asked with her hands still on her eyes " yes " they said at the same time . We turned around and all of the boys had pants on . Good " what are you guys doing over here and how did u get in ?" Zayn asked " we wanted to do something fun and harry left his key " I said with a proud smile on my face . " let's go to the pool and have a campout over there " Louis said with a smile like a little kid when it wants something . " ya that's a really good idea ill go and ask the other girls " Pagie said going out the door ad just left me here with all of the boys . " I'm going to go change " I said walking out the door . " bye " they all said .
I walked in our room we all picked out what bathing suits we were going to we're : Rose had a pink bikini , Rachel had a blue on with little stars on it Pagie had a red and white one and I had a yellow pokadot one . We walked down to the pool and just waited for the boys .
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