Loving Him

Maggie Smith, a 18 year old girl who has a friend who loves to do everything bad. Her friend Kelsey tells Maggie that she should go to this party. Then Maggie meets a boy named Harry styles. Everyone knows who he is...............


1. No. Fucking. Way.

"Maggie please come to this party with me!" I heard my best friend Kelsey yell as I sat there on my bed looking through my phone. " No, I don't want to Kelsey." I said looking up at her as she handed me a dress. The dress was short, red, and strapless something my parents would never let me wear or even think of wearing. I was speechless when I looked at it. My best friend Kelsey was one of those people how could do anything without getting caught, but with me on the other hand I always got caught. My parents where very strict and had a lot of rules. Even tho I'm 18 the treated me like I was 5. " Fine, I'll just go by myself!" Kelsey said as she walked out. 


2 hours later ~


Are you sure you don't want to come?I got a text saying this from Kelsey. There were probley going to be a lot of cute guys there, and a lot of drinking. " I'm going to this party no matter what!" I said to myself as I started to get dressed. I curled my hair and wore that dress that Kelsey gave me. I quickly ran into my parents room and grabbed a pair of my moms black high heels. I went downstairs to see if my parents where awake. Lucky my brother was at a sleepover and my parents were asleep of the couch. I hopped out my window and climbed down the tree. There I saw Kelsey waving to me with a smile on her face.

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