You're All I Ever Wanted And More....

My name's Janelle. I'm 16 year's old and I go to high school in New York City. My brother is the most popular guy in school. He gets all the girls along with his 4 best friends. You see, everyone cares about Harry Styles but when it comes down to me, Janelle Styles... I could kill myself and not one person in my school would notice or even worse care. My brother doesn't want to ruin his rep so just like everyone else he bully's me. I just deal with it.. because he's my brother. His 4 best friends use to be my best friends as well. I was always closer to Zayn. He always understood me and helped me. But now that they're all grown up, I'm nothing but a stupid little junior.



10. Chapter 9

***Janelle's POV***

"I-i uh.." I stuttered. He moved the hair hanging over my shoulder to my back. His fingers ran over the love bites Zayn gave to me.

"Who did this to you?" His fingers were wrapped around the collar of my shirt.

"Harry..." I mumbled.

"You were with a fucking boy?! After I poured my heart out to you?!" He quietly screamed so our mother wouldn't hear.

"Harry.. I-I-I'm sorry... I went to a party and it just happened okay?" I lied to him.

"Did they drug you?! Did they have sex with you?" His eyes began to water.

"Nonono! I.. uh... I smoked but I still remembered everything that happened. It was just making out. It meant nothing. It's hypocritical for you to be yelling at me right now. You put girls in this position all the time. Imagine how their father or brother feels about them coming home with love bites all over them from you.." My voice trailed off.

"Janelle... please don't do this again. Guys like me are dangerous okay?" He pulled me into a hug. Guilt shot through me. I hated lying to him. Especially about something this huge. I buried my face into his chest.

"I have to do homework." I groaned.

"Go, I expect good grades." He chuckled to himself.

"Shut up, Mr.I'mFailingAllMyClasses." I stuck my tongue out at him and walked out the door. I walked into my room and spreaded my books around the floor. Thump. I looked around my room. "What the fuck.." I whispered. Thump. I started to get scared and look around for a weapon.

"Janelle!" I heard a voice from outside my window. I ran over to it. I smiled down at Zayn. He motioned for me to open the window. I slid my window open.

"Hi..." I smiled at him.

"I'm coming up. Lock your door." He winked at me. I left the window open, letting all the freezing air in. I ran over to my door and locked it. I put on my T.V. so that Harry or my mother couldn't hear. He climbed into my window and closed it. He pulled me into his chest and crashed his lips onto mine. His hands slid down my hour-glass figure and pulled at my thigh. "Jump." He whispered against my lips. I obeyed and wrapped my legs around his waist. His hands were holding me up from my ass. His tongue roamed around my mouth and knotted with mine. I bit down on his bottom lip making him moan.

"I have to do my homework." I pulled away from him.

"Alright, I'll try my best not to distract you." He winked.

"Shut up." He placed me down on the floor. He chuckled and kissed my cheek. I started working on my homework. He layed down on my bed while watching Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. 


(Next Morning)

"Babe.." Zayn kissed my cheek. My eyes fluttered open. "You have to get ready for school beautiful.." He smiled down at me.

"Okay, are you leaving?" I frowned.

"Unfortunately. I'll come over tonight again... If you want?" He nibbled softly on my neck.

"Mmm Zayn..." I moaned and ruffled my fingers through his hair. "Of course I want you to come over." I pulled at his shirt and kissed him passionately.

"I'll see you later beautiful." He kissed me back softly and climbed out the window. I rushed over to the bathroom and showered. I washed my hair and blow dried it. I curled it with my wand and shook my head making the curls loosen up. I put on a cropped burgundy turtle neck and floral jeans. I sat in front of my vanity and worked on my makeup. I added volume to my already long lashes with mascara. I was satisfied with my appearance and slid on my timberlands. I put on a light green coat and put on my favorite gold ring with a cross going down the middle. I changed my books last night into my sling back that had a owl on it. (v I called Angelica.

"Hey, I'm ready." I told her.

"Okay, I'll be there in a few minutes." She mumbled into the phone and hung up. I walked downstairs and found breakfast on the table. I saw no sign of Harry so I assumed he left already. Weird. I devoured my breakfast. Angelica knocked on my door and I walked out.

"Hey." I hugged her. She hugged me back. She smelled like... oh no. "Were you with Harry?" I spat at her.

"Uh no, why?" She cocked an eyebrow up at me.

"You smell like him.. You better not be fucking lying to me." I punched her arm roughly.

"Ow!" She groaned in pain. "Alright fine, I bumped into him when he was with the boys and we all hung out." She rolled her eyes at me. "At least I'm not lying to him like you are." She shoved me softly.

"Bitch, you know damn well if I tell Harry about him... He will go ape-shit." I muttered and swiped my metrocard through the machine. We waited for the train.

"So whats up with you and Zayn?" She asked me.

"No you're probably going to run and tell my fucking brother." I gave her a death glare.

"I would never do that. You're my best friend. Not Harry." She intertwined her fingers with mine. "So tell me..." 

"He's amazing Angie... I want to be with him so bad." I groaned.

"So just do it! Look your brother is going to have to learn how to... let go. I don't think Zayn's intentions are to hurt you. I've seen the way he looks at you. It's like he's love struck by you or something."

"Our relationship is... intense. Not that we had sex or anything. He's like rough but sweet with me. It makes me knees go weak Angie." I sighed. "I really like him." We continued our conversation about Zayn on the train.


I sat down with my lunch next to Krysta and Angie. Tatiana was across from me along with my friends Arleny and Gerolyn. A big pair of hands pushed me into Krysta. I looked over and found Harry and the rest of the boys sitting next to me. I gave Harry a weird look.

"Hey sis." He smiled at me. I laughed and looked around the cafeteria. EVERYONE was staring.

"Hi." I waved at the boys.

"What's up girls?" Louis cheekily smiled at us.

"Nothing, talking about sexual penetration. We were on the topic of anal." I joked. Niall made a disgusted face along with Liam. Harry, Krysta and I laughed. The girls were quiet for some reason as if they were scared. "So..." I searched through my mind for small talk.

"How's everyones day so far?" Liam smiled.

"Good." Tatiana smiled.

"Yeah, good." Gerolyn shrugged. Zayn looked up at me and smirked. Blood rushed up to my cheeks. I covered my face with my hands and hummed trying to distract myself from staring at his charming self.


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