You're All I Ever Wanted And More....

My name's Janelle. I'm 16 year's old and I go to high school in New York City. My brother is the most popular guy in school. He gets all the girls along with his 4 best friends. You see, everyone cares about Harry Styles but when it comes down to me, Janelle Styles... I could kill myself and not one person in my school would notice or even worse care. My brother doesn't want to ruin his rep so just like everyone else he bully's me. I just deal with it.. because he's my brother. His 4 best friends use to be my best friends as well. I was always closer to Zayn. He always understood me and helped me. But now that they're all grown up, I'm nothing but a stupid little junior.



35. Chapter 28

"Janelle.." Zayn whispered in my ear. My eyes fluttered open to find him hovering over me. I giggled and hugged him.

"Goodmorning.." I groaned."What time is it?" I asked.

"11.. I was wondering if you wanted to do something today?" He shrugged.

"Hmm, like what?" I kissed his lips softly.

"Anything you'd like. My treat princess." He brushed random strands of hair out of my face. 

"Lets go out on a picnic." I smiled.

"Well today is a perfect day for that. It's 73 today outside. By the way, I know your birthday is approaching. What would you like?" Zayn flipped us over so that I was ontop.

"Surprise me." I giggled and leaned down to kiss his lips softly.

"If you say so.. Do you want to get ready here or your place?" He asked.

"Meet me at my place at 1." I kissed him quickly and climbed off my bed. I put on my jeans and slid on my jacket. I put on my shoes and walked out the house.


I finished in the shower and left my hair natural in its loose curls. I dabbed some concealer over my pimples and rubbed it in. Yuck. Pimples. I put on some mascara increasing the volume of my lashes. I finished with my makeup and put on a floral print dress with light blue sandals. I put on my jean jacket from Hollister and my Raybans. I twirled in front of my mirror for a last glance. I called Zayn, satisfied with my appearance. I waited downstairs for him. ( 

"Where ya headed doll face?" My aunt smiled at me.

"To have a picnic with Zayn." I blushed. "It's just a simple date. I'll be back before dinner." I kissed her cheek softly.

"Okay sweetheart. Call me if you need me. Is harry in his room by the way?" She asked me right as I was about to walk out the door.

"Yeah he was, hes sleeping. Bye!" I blew her a fast kiss and walked out the door. Zayn sat on his motorcycle waiting for me. Everytime I saw him sitting on the motorcycle, I felt like he was my Johnny Depp. My Cry Baby Wade Walker. And I'll be his Amy Locane. His Allison Vernon-Williams. (If you don't know the movie Cry Baby you should watch it its amazing okokok) Zayn has that bad ass attitude that makes him seem like a dick. He's not. He's actually really sensitive. I just... I'm inlove with this boy. I felt like everything slowed down whenever I was with him. Like we had all the time in the world. 

"Hey." Zayn pushed his sunglasses down to the top of his nose to check me out. I bite my lip and wrapped my arms around him. I crashed my lips onto his. His right hand was on my lower back and the other was caressing my thigh.

"I THOUGHT THIS WAS A INNOCENT PICNIC!" My aunt shouted from the living room window. I giggled and turned around.

"We'll be safe I promise!" I shouted back. I got onto the motorcycle and wrapped my arms around Zayn's waist. 

"You okay babe?" He asked as he slowly pulled away from my house.

"Now I am." I smiled.


"Whats going on..." I mumbled to Zayn as we approached my house. A numerous amount of police cars were in the front and my front door was open. Zayn grabbed my hand and led me inside. My aunt was sitting on the couch, sobbing as a police man was questioning her. As well as Harry. "Whats wrong?" I asked a cop.

"Who are you?" He cocked an eyebrow up at me. 

"Thats my brother and thats my aunt." I told him.

"Take a seat sweetheart." His voice was soft and sweet. But very concerned. "You're mother was murdered by her fiance. We're doing everything we can to get him."


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