You're All I Ever Wanted And More....

My name's Janelle. I'm 16 year's old and I go to high school in New York City. My brother is the most popular guy in school. He gets all the girls along with his 4 best friends. You see, everyone cares about Harry Styles but when it comes down to me, Janelle Styles... I could kill myself and not one person in my school would notice or even worse care. My brother doesn't want to ruin his rep so just like everyone else he bully's me. I just deal with it.. because he's my brother. His 4 best friends use to be my best friends as well. I was always closer to Zayn. He always understood me and helped me. But now that they're all grown up, I'm nothing but a stupid little junior.



20. Chapter 17

***Janelle's POV***

(Lunch at school)

"So, what are we doing today?" I turned over to Krysta. Zayn squeezed my leg under the table.

"I wanted to take you out tonight." He mumbled into my ear. 

"You can take me out tomorrow night." I smiled at him. "So, what are we doing?" It turned my attention back to Krysta.

"Wanna go see Mama?" She shrugged.

"Sure. With Ana?" 

"Yeah of course duh." She laughed. I giggled and winked at her. Harry and the boys were talking about this girl named Taylor. They were talking about how she wanted to have sex with Harry I think and he said no but she begged. I couldn't help but laugh. If he said no to her the first time, something about her must have been wrong. (Sorry if you're a swiftie, i didn't know who else to put. Apologies!) Me and Harry have been on our own basically. Mom tries to talk to us but honestly, I don't wanna hear it. She'll just apologize and blah blah blah. I don't need an apology. What my father did to her, could NEVER be forgiven. I don't know how the hell she forgave him. He's a sick bastard. 

"Janelle, how are things with you and this fucker?" Niall laughed a bit.

"Shut up Nialler." Zayn punched Niall on the shoulder. He winced in pain. I giggled.

"Good." I smiled up at him.

"He's rough in bed?" Niall winked at me. Blood rushed up to my cheeks.

"You could say that." I winked at Niall. Harry turned his attention towards me.

"Disgusting pigs." He snapped. Niall, Zayn and I broke out into laughter. 

"Janelle do you wanna go get lunch?" Angelica asked me.

"What are they serving?" I questioned.

"Pizza!" She smiled.

"Okay." I got up from my seat and locked arms with her. Krysta locked arms with me and we walked into the cafè to get our lunch. I grabbed a tray and the lunch lady slapped on a slice of pizza. I smiled at her and grabbed a cup of water. I met Krysta and Angelica at the door. 

"So seriously, how's everything with Zayn?" Angelica stopped. "I don't wanna talk over there, everyone's always listening. Let's just talk for a second." She held my hand.

"Everything's good. He told me he loves me." I looked down at my brown boots and felt blood rush up to my already hot cheeks.

"Aw! How?!" Krysta's voice cracked. I laughed.

"Okay well, we were like making out and than he started talking about the whole situation with my mom. In the conversation, he said something about loving me but I didn't really pay attention to it ya know? I kind of asked him to leave because he was defending my mom. So whatever, that finished and we started making out again and I pulled away from him. I asked him if he loved me. He gave me this whole adorable speech, ugh it was perfection. Than he just told me he loved me." I shrugged. Krysta covered her mouth with her hand.

"THAT'S SO FUCKING CUTE." Krysta hugged me. I laughed and hugged her back. "No really, I'm so happy for you." 

"Me too!" Angelica did a stupid little happy dance. I laughed and dragged them back to our table.


I waited for Krysta and Ana by my locker. Zayn and Liam made their way towards me. 

"Hey guys." I moved off of my locker and hugged Liam. I kissed Zayn on the lips quickly. "What are you guys up too?" 

"Nothing, we're gonna go to this chicks party tonight. You should come after that whole movie thing." Liam shrugged.

"I'll see." I giggled.

"Alright, text me after the movie ok babe? Love you." Zayn kissed my cheek and pulled Liam away. My phone buzzed in my back pocket. 

Meet us at the theater. Krysta texted me. I put on my coat and made my way to the exit. The theater was up the block thankfully. I met them in front and we got our tickets.

"There's a party tonight." I told them.

"Are you going?" Krysta asked. 

"Only if you guys come with." I shrugged.

"I can." Ana smiled at me.

"Yeah me too, so lets go after the movie." Krysta shook her butt left and right and than handed our tickets over. 

"2nd theater to your right." He smiled at us. I got online for snacks. We always had the same thing. One extra large slushy, blue and red, with raisnets and sour patch kids. Oh yeah and of course, popcorn. We sat down in the theater waiting for the movie to start. Honestly, I wasn't scared at all because modern day horror films suck ass. 


"It was okay. I didn't jump once." I shrugged. "It had a good story line I guess." I complained about the movie.

"Yeah it wasn't as scary as I expected." Ana sighed. We hopped on the train and headed over to the party. I fixed my make-up on the train and tried my best to look more party-ish and not school-ish. 

"Hey did you hear about that talent show thing?" Krysta poked my arm.

"Yeah why?" I looked at her, confused.

"You should try out. You're a really good dancer." She smiled at me.

"No." I shook my head.

"Oh c'mon." Ana turned to me, defending Krysta.

"Guys, no!" I put my head in my hands.

"Okay okay, fine. I just think you could actually win." Krysta pulled me off the train. We walked down to her house. The music was blasting but it actually didn't smell. The party must've just started. I walked into the house and found a group of people sitting on the couch. I hung up my jacket and made my way into the kitchen with the girls. I grabbed a beer out of the freezer and popped the cap open. The smell hit me like a dodgeball. I made my way back to the living room and sat down to the girl smoking with her friends.

"Want a puff?" She smirked at me. I nodded. I took the joint in between my fingers and inhaled. I let out a few coughs as I exhaled. She giggled.

"First time." I laughed with her. Krysta and Ana took a hit as well. I can't help but say, this party was going to be interesting. We passed it around and after my 5th time, I could say I was basically done. I put my head down on the shoulder of the couch. 

"Babe, c'mon." Someone threw me over their shoulder. I felt their strong arms carry me up to a room. I rubbed my eyes open and found myself in a dark room. The person threw me onto the bed. 

"Hey Zayn." I laughed and I couldn't stop. I felt my stomach growl and my mouth get very dry. The person hovered over me and placed their hands over my breast. "Zayn just because I'm high doesn't mean you're getting away with this." I giggled. I curled my weak fingers into his shirt and he ripped off my thin leggings. "Zayn stop." I shoved him off of me.

"You're not with Zayn." The guy placed a cloth over my mouth and ripped off my panties. Everything went blank from there.

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