You're All I Ever Wanted And More....

My name's Janelle. I'm 16 year's old and I go to high school in New York City. My brother is the most popular guy in school. He gets all the girls along with his 4 best friends. You see, everyone cares about Harry Styles but when it comes down to me, Janelle Styles... I could kill myself and not one person in my school would notice or even worse care. My brother doesn't want to ruin his rep so just like everyone else he bully's me. I just deal with it.. because he's my brother. His 4 best friends use to be my best friends as well. I was always closer to Zayn. He always understood me and helped me. But now that they're all grown up, I'm nothing but a stupid little junior.



17. Chapter 15

***Janelle's POV***

"What the fuck do you mean?!" Zayn sat up. "Harry never fucking told me this!" He yelled at me.

"We never told anyone. I don't even .... think .... mom knows.... we know." I spoke between sobs.

"What?" His face turned from angry to confused.

"Me and Harry were about 10... I heard mom and dad arguing late at night so I snuck into Harry's room. I cried into his chest and than the arguing just stopped. I heard like muffled screams and so did he. So we crept downstairs and..." I choked. I threw my hands over my face and cried.

"Baby..." Zayn whispered. He wrapped his big arms around me and pulled me into his warm chest. His fingers combed my hair as he whispered soft and sweet things into my ear. "It's going to be okay." He kissed my cheek and moved strands of hair away from my face. "Do you want to sleep? Watch a movie?" He smiled down at me. 

"How about we cuddle the whole night and skip school tomorrow?" I smiled up at him.

"No." He sighed.

"Please? I just... I really need to get things off of my mind. Being with you makes me happiest." I groaned.

"Alright... fine." He chuckled. I rested my head against his chest as he ran his cold fingertips down my bareback. His touch sent chills throughout my body. "Janelle.. what are you gonna tell you mom?" He whispered.

"I don't know. I don't even want to think about her. My dad is cruel." I snapped. "I fucking hate him." I growled. "Zayn, can we not talk about this?" I sighed.

"Sure." He kissed my head. I turned to face him and kissed his lips softly. I rested my head on the pillow, leaving my face close to his. Our noses were touching. My eyes met with his. I smiled at him. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him again. "You're more." He whispered before crashing his lips onto mine. He bit and sucked on my bottom lip. I placed my hands gently ontop of his collarbones, leaving a small space between us. He moved my hands up to his neck and pulled me in closer so that every part of our body was in contact. His hands slid up my shirt and he caressed my curves. Our lips moved in sync with each other. He parted my lips with his tongue. I moaned into the kiss and wrapped a leg around his waist. With one hand, he squeezed my bum causing me to whimper. 

"Zayn..." I moaned into the atmosphere as he placed kissed and love bites on my neck. "Shit." I cursed under my breath. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut. My hormones took over, so I forced him down on the bed and straddled his waist. I ruffled my fingers through his hair and attacked his neck with love bites.

"Fuck Janelle..." Zayn muttered into my hair while squeezing my thighs. He sat up causing his hard-on to rub against my thigh. I gasped. "What?" His eyes widened. 

"I didn't know I could do that." I giggled. He laughed. I smirked at him and travled my hand down his chest, slowly. He groaned in frustration, wanting me to stop teasing him. I bit on his earlobe and palmed him.

"Shit... yea." He moaned into my hair. He kissed my lips softly. "Stay outside the boxers. I don't want to go to far." He whispered against my lips. I nodded and palmed him slowly but hard causing moans and whimpers to escape his lips. He bucked his hips upward a few times. I took it as a sign that he wanted more so I palmed him rapidly. His mouth hung open but no sounds came out. He pushed my hand away. I frowned at him.

"I wanted to." I sighed.

"I want you too to. Not after you just got into an argument with your brother though." His eyes met with mine.

"Why does everything have to be about my brother?" I snapped and rushed off too his bathroom. I slammed the door behind me and sat on the sink. 

"Janelle, i didn't mean it like that. I just... I want you to do it with me when you're happy." He spoke behind the door.

"I am happy! Just because my mom is a dirty whore and she's sleeping with a pig doesn't mean I'm not fucking happy." I shouted.

"You're mom isn't a dirty whore. She's happy. You're happy. You should just be happy for her." 

"Happy?! You didn't see what me and Harry saw Zayn. You don't know shit." I rubbed my eyes to keep the tears from crawling out.

"Janelle, I'm sorry. You're right, I don't know shit. I just care about you. I don't want to rush you into things or make you feel uncomfortable. I want you to just be with me." He spoke softly. I tried to ignore him but... I couldn't. I opened the door and wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him.

"You don't rush me into things. You don't make me uncomfortable. You do the exact opposite. I want to just be with you all the time. I just want to be in your arms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I love calling you mine Zayn. I do..." My voice trailed off. He kissed my lips softly and smiled. He picked me up bridal style and placed me down on his bed gently.

"It's 2, I guess we should get some sleep." He shrugged.

"Ugh, lame." I sighed.

"Shut up." He laughed and kissed me. He shut off the light and crawled into bed. I wrapped my arms around him, clinging to him. 

"Thank you." I whispered against his chest.

"For?" The vibration from his chest tickled my face.

"For making me happy."

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