You're All I Ever Wanted And More....

My name's Janelle. I'm 16 year's old and I go to high school in New York City. My brother is the most popular guy in school. He gets all the girls along with his 4 best friends. You see, everyone cares about Harry Styles but when it comes down to me, Janelle Styles... I could kill myself and not one person in my school would notice or even worse care. My brother doesn't want to ruin his rep so just like everyone else he bully's me. I just deal with it.. because he's my brother. His 4 best friends use to be my best friends as well. I was always closer to Zayn. He always understood me and helped me. But now that they're all grown up, I'm nothing but a stupid little junior.



13. Chapter 12

***Janelle's POV***


"No buts... Just a yes or no answer. We'll tell Harry... together." He took my hand in his and kissed my fingertips.

"Zayn.." I pulled my hand away. "I can't. He'll hate me and you. Forever." I sat up and shoved the blanket off me.

"Janelle, I understand just don't walk away from me. Please." He begged. His hand caught my wrist and  tugged on it, making me face him. He cupped my face in his hands and pressed his lips against mine softly. "I just want this. I want to call you mine." He whispered against my lips.

"Zayn.. I am yours. I just... I can't just say yes. Harry is my brother. He'll get angry." I mumbled.

"No. He should be happy for you. Not get angry with you. I won't hurt you Janelle.. I've liked you since we met in middle school." He kissed the tip of my nose.

"I've liked you since middle school as well... I just think that I need to break it down to Harry that I like you first." I shrugged and bit my lip.

"I told you that you drive me crazy when you bite your lip." He moaned against bottom lip before pulling it into his mouth and biting it. I let out a soft groan and he pulled me onto his lap. 

"Zayn we're ontop of your car." I giggled.

"Backseat?" He winked at me.

"No more like my bedroom." I purred into his ear, teasing him.

"Oh god." He whispered. I giggled and slid down from the roof of his car. He followed me and I got into the passenger seat. He started the car and drove down to my house. The ride was quick because there wasn't much traffic. When we got to my house, it was packed. I looked around for Angelica and Krysta. I spotted Anaclara and Krysta sitting on my kitchen counter. Zayn disappeared somewhere so I joined the girls.

"Hey! How was your date?" Krysta shouted at me over the loud music.

"Amazing." I smiled up at her. 

"You want?" Anaclara passed me her cup. I nodded and took a small sip from her cup.

"Mmm, orange juice with absolute?" I asked her and took another sip.

"Yea, don't drink it all!" She snatched the cup away from me. I laughed and jumped up onto the counter. 

"So what did you guys do?" Krysta asked me.

"He took me to Dave and Busters. We played games and ate. Than he took me to the beach to see the meteor shower." I smiled at them.

"That's so cute!" Ana giggled.

"He asked me to be his girlfriend." I looked down at my dangling feet.

"What?! What did he say?! Did you say yes?!" Krysta bombarded me with questions.

"I said no." My eyes met with hers.

"Why!?" Ana punched my arm.

"Because... Harry." I sighed.

"Go to his room right now than tell me if you give a shit." Krysta laughed. I cocked my eyebrow up at her and walked up the stairs to his room. I knocked on the door softly. He didn't respond so I just opened it. My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw Angelica straddling his lap, playing with his messy curls and making out with him. Harry realized I was standing there and pushed her off of his lap. Angelica smiled at me, nervously.

"I'm dating Zayn." I blurted out and closed the door. I ran down the stairs before Harry could follow me and searched around for Zayn. I found him on the couch in-between Niall and Liam. He had a drink in his hand and he was laughing at something Liam said. I rushed over to him and pulled at his wrist. "I need him for a second." I smiled at Niall and Liam before rushing Zayn to the bathroom in my kitchen. "I told Harry..." I ran my fingers through my hair.

"What? What did he say? Why did you tell him? What did you say exactly?" His eyes widened.

"Okay well I walked in on him and Angelica making out... I just blurted it out and said we were dating and walked out the room before he could say anything." I whispered. His lips pulled up into a smile. He kissed my forehead and intertwined his fingers with mine.

"Don't worry.We'll talk to Harry. Together. I'm in this with you." He kissed my cheek.

"I don't know why I blurted it out. I didn't want to. I just did." I felt stressed. I don't want Harry to be mad at me... or him.

"Look... he has to know. It's better now than later." He shrugged.

"Zayn you don't-"

"I do understand Janelle but when it comes to what you want you fight for it. I want you Janelle. If it takes me to loose my best friend over wanting you, I will." He pulled me into a passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on my tippy toes. "I want you to be my girlfriend." He detached his lips from mine.

"I want to be your girlfriend." I licked my lips and pulled them into a smirk. "So badly." I moved my hands down to his ass and squeezed it. He chuckled.

"Well... will you be my girlfriend?" He squeezed my bum making me gasp.

"Yes." I giggled and kissed him. There was a bang on the door. I gave a worried look to Zayn and opened the door. Harry pulled my hand and dragged me upstairs. I looked back and found Zayn following me. I'm going through this with you. He mouthed to me. I smiled at him. Harry shoved me into his room and Zayn followed in before Harry could close the door.

"You're dating my sister?" Harry gritted through his teeth.

"Harry look.. I am-" Harry cut him off by sending a punch to his cheek. Zayn tangled his hands on the collar of Harry's shirt and shoved him up against the wall. I jumped up and ducked in between Harry and Zayn.

"Harry.. Please just let him talk to you." I sighed and placed my hand on his shoulder. Zayn let go of Harry and stepped back, giving me space. "I like Zayn... A lot. He won't hurt me. His intentions aren't to hurt me Harry. I like him a lot. I want to be with him." Harry shoved me away from him and fixed the collar of his shirt.

"Break up with her." He stepped closer to Zayn. "NOW!" He shouted. My body shuttered at the words.

"Harry no. I'm not going to hurt her. You're hurting her. She wants to be with me." Zayn's hands were in a tight fist, making his knuckles white. 

"You were just making out with Angelica. What's the difference?" I muttered.

"Zayn's gonna hurt you!" Harry screamed at me.

"No he's not!" I screamed back at him. "I'M NOT A FUCKING KID HARRY! I KNOW HOW TO LOOK OUT FOR MYSELF!" The anger in me was pumping through my veins.

"I'M JUST TRYING TO PROTECT YOU!" Harry screamed at me before rushing out the room. I looked over at Zayn and felt tears form in my eyes.

"Janelle..." He rushed over to me and pulled me into his arms. "I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry." He whispered against my hair. I sobbed into his shoulder and curled my fingers into his sides. "I'm here for you... Shh. It's okay. C'mon lets go lay down." He picked me up, bridal style and carried me into my room. He set me down on my bed gently and pulled off my boots. He kissed my calfs softly and tucked me into the bed. He turned for the door.

"No. Stay with me." I mumbled.

"Are you sure?" He turned back towards me. I nodded and opened my arms. He crawled into the bed and wrapped his arms around me. He kicked off his shoes and jeans. I unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his collar bones. I wrapped around leg around his waist and rested my head on his chest. His heart was beating fast. 

"Don't leave me." I whispered against his warm flesh. His heart beat slowed down at my words.


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