A World of Differences

Eighteen year old Claire Parker is going to London for art school. Trying to make a life in London she falls in love with a Irish guy, who's in the town to participate in X-Factor UK. After knowing your life can change completely and just her can decide this.

Claire Parker -


Niall Horan -



1. "Nice to meet you!"

I wake up more early than the other day and I stayed in the bed, lying. The sun are gorgeous and I have to get up. I got up and went to the bathroom, ready to take a good shower and go to work. I came to my bedroom and picked up my BlackBerry and went work. My watch said 10 AM. Maybe today would be more stressful than the others day, because they have audition's for the X-Factor UK. II arrived at work and had people waiting at the door to buy something. I entered and put on my horrible uniform. The doors are open.

A guy entered in the barker and stop in front of me.

- Hi. Can I help you? - I asked shy. Oh my godness, he's so gorgeous! Something inside me said.

- I want a Croissant, please. - He said.

- Here's your Croissant. Anything else? - I said looking at his green eyes.

- No, just it. How much is it?

- $1,50. - I said waiting for the cash. And when he handed me the money, my machine stopped working. AWKWARD! Something inside me said, again. I wasn't understand anything and everything was so confusing. I just closed my eyes and breath, opening my eyes, again. I was trying to look for the manager, but I can't find him. I told the guy to back here in the end of the day, maybe we had a machine working and then he could pay for the Croissant and he smiled saying a "Ok".

He left the bakery and disappeared into the crowd.

The day was ending and when I was almost closing the bakery when the guy appeared.

- Sorry but wasn't easy inside there! - He smiled at me.

- Oh that's cool. So did you passed?

- Yes! I'm on the boot camp.

- Oh my God, seriously? Congrats. - I hugged him. - Oh, sorry. - I muttered.

- It's ok. So I need to pay what I bought... umm, the machines is working?

- Yeah, they're. - I said entering in the bakery.

I went down behind the counter to get the money with the guy.

- So, you're going home right now? - He asked me.

- Yes! I'm just closing to go home. Why?

- Nothing! May I do company until your house?

I blushed.

- Hm, yes. Of course. Just let me close the bakery.

I went inside and picked up my bag and went home, with the stranger guy. We was in front of my house, when I asked his name.

- So, what's your name? - I blushed, again.

- Niall.. Niall Horan. What about you?

- Claire Parker.

- Oh, nice to meet you, Claire.

- Nice to meet you, Niall. - I said looking to his lips. Kiss him, go, go, go. Something inside said, AGAIN!

- Uhm, I need to go. Bye, see you tomorrow? I stopped in my door.

He nods.

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