Back Up Dancer

Lucy is a back up dancer for one direction what happeneds when she gets pared up with a certain member and possibly falls for him what will happened? Find out!!


3. Truth Or Dare?

We sat in a circle and had a bottle Harry spun it , it landed on Kia
"Kia truth or dare?" Harry asked
"Dare" she said intensely
"I dare you too..." Harry trailed off
"Kiss Liam!" Niall yelled we all cheered Kia looked us all over she looked at Liam he nodded she went over and gave him a little peck
"Boo! That wasn't a kiss" Louis said
"What are you talking about I kissed him?" Kia asked half smiling
"A kiss is like 10 seconds and then there's making out" Louis said winking
"So either do it properly or loose a chicken" Louis said smiling, she sighed and looked at Liam he nodded and smilied he was so nice.

(Kia's POV)
I looked at Liam he nodded and smiled I crawled over and Louis piled out his phone "hold n I'm putting a timer on" Louis said Lucy giggled "you take this pretty seriously" she said he chuckled and agreed
"Ready go" Louis said
I felt my lips on Liam's again they were warm and soft we were at the half way point when Liam smiled into the kiss
"Stop!" Louis called as a buzzer went off
I pulled away and looked down that was the most amazing kiss I've ever had.. Well That was the only kiss I've ever had not even my Best friends knew that I crawled back to Zayn he slipped his arm around my waist his hand remaining on my hip it gave me a tingly feeling.
I spun the bottle it landed on Liam
"Welcome back to dare hotel how may I be at your service?" Louis said we all laughed
"Truth or dare?" Harry asked
"Dare" he said and evil grin played on Louis lips
"I dare you too.... Uh I forgot it!" Louis said a look of triumph crossed Liam's face
"I dare you to make out with Lacey!" Niall shouted he liked seeing people kiss I think
"Make out?" They both asked
"You heard me" Niall said Lucy got up to go to Liam when Harry pulled her back by the waist into his lap and whispered so,etching in her ear she smiled and went upto Liam
"Ok your making out for 10 seconds" Louis said typing on his phone and then looking up at them a pang of jealousy went threw me she got to make out with him Liam was an amazing kisser but how would I know I haven't kissed anyone else but Lacey has had her fare share of kisses
"Ready go!" Louis said there lips connected and then it happened Niall's phone went off it was live while we're young
"Your ringtone is your own song?" I asked giggling
"Yeah we all have a One Direction song as our ringtone" Harry reassured me from the left side of me Liam and Lacey finished kissing and Lacey returned to Harry he held her close to him
Harry spun the bottle for her and it landed on Zayn
"Truth or dare?" Louis asked
"Dare" he said boldly
"I dare you too switch shoes with Kia" Liam said Zayn smiled at me I was wearing Nike shoes just like his but mine were aqua blue matching my loose dancing tank top I took my shoes off and he took his off and we traded his weren't too big for me Zayn had a good size of feet he got into mine ok and Liam chuckled
"Wow, no one ones allowed to wear Zayn's Nikes" Liam said looking around at everyone they all nodded except me and the girls

(Lucy's POV)

Louis had his arm around my waist which gave me butterfly's Zayn spun the bottle it landed on Harry
"Harreh!" Louis yelled it made me jump
"Truth or dare?" Zayn asked
"Dare" Harry said
"I dare you to make out with Lucy" Liam said
Louis hand turned into a fist around my waist he held me tighter
"Do you accept this dare or chicken?" Liam asked
"I'll do it if Lucy's ok with it" he said I nodded and he came over to me Louis removed his arm as Harry slipped his hands onto the crook of my back and looked down at me his green eyes scanning my face
"Ready go!" Louis yelled
Harry's lips connected with mine my bottom lip in between his he was a good kisser a really good kisser actually...

(Niall's POV)

I was hoping to get the chance to kiss Cassie she was so beautiful and funny. I watched as Harry and Lucy were kissing I pulled out my phone and texted Liam
'If it lands on me dare me to kiss Cassie please!' I texted he pulled his phone out of his pocket and smirked
'Sure thing Niall' he replied I locked my phone sure enough 2 dares pointless ones past by and the bottle landed on Cassie
"Truth or dare?" Liam asked
"I dare you to kiss Niall" he said she smiled and turned to me I nodded to her Louis set up the timer and then he shouted go! Our lips connected and it felt good she had soft lips she tasted like Cheetos

(Tara's POV)

Why did it have to be Liam they had to kiss? I was on the lines of having a break down I liked Liam he danced with so much passion and took what he was doing seriously I looked him over his
fo-hawk and his white shirt with green sleeves rolled up and black jeans he was hot but also sweet.
He had had his arm round my waist securely and I liked it. A lot.

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