Back Up Dancer

Lucy is a back up dancer for one direction what happeneds when she gets pared up with a certain member and possibly falls for him what will happened? Find out!!


2. The Resturant

(Lucy's POV)
We sat across from our partners Louis kept playing with my feet under the table he kept sliding his Tom up and and down my leg smirking while he was eating the bread they had set out
H was tickling me I trapped one of his feet inbetween mine and he giggled
I smiled at him Cassie and Niall were talking about the food they had here we got perfect matches Cassie loves food just as much as Niall Kia a d Zayn are quiet and mysterious Liam and Tara are both parent like but have a fun side Harry and Lacey ate exactly the same the youngest ones of our groups and me and Louis were different in many ways Louis is out going fun and full of energy
I like my quite time but there was something in me saying that time is gone.
I smiled at everyone as we ordered our food
Eating didnt take long we were waiting for Harry and Niall to finish eating when I felt something hit me in the chest I looked down and it was a piece of bread about he size of my finger tip I looked at Louis he had a plastic spoon and a piece of torn bread inside the spoon like a catapult and hit me in the face I threw it back at him he did it again thats when the unexpected happened we had already payed the check and the manager came over
"I'm sorry you guys are going to have to leave" he said looking at us all but giving me and Louis a death glare, when he left Louis turned to me
"Rawr" he said I giggled we got up and left
"Where too?" Kia asked
"Our house!" Zayn said
"Sounds good" I said we climbed into Harry's range rover Harry drove Lacey in the passenger Kia sat on Zayn's lap and Liam and Tara sat in the back and I sat on Louis' lap we eventually arrived at the boys' house and walked in it was surprisingly clean remembering their room from the X-factor we all went into the loving room
"What to do?" Zayn asked
"Truth or dare!" Louis yelled
I swallowed hard
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