Back Up Dancer

Lucy is a back up dancer for one direction what happeneds when she gets pared up with a certain member and possibly falls for him what will happened? Find out!!


12. Stop Making Me Laugh

-Luna's POV-

We had just arrived at the dance studio me and the girls in our outfits for the concert same with the boys, ours consists of leggings and white shirts with red sweaters with white strings and red toms our hair up in messy buns and the boys... Well they just kind of wore white button up shirts it's black jeans and casual outfits. Me and the girls got set up beside the boys their arms around their dancers waist the lights came on and the dance started... Louis kept making me laugh
"Stop making me laugh Spencer's going o get mad at us" I whisper in his ear at a part he spun me around
"Don't worry love, he won't yell at you" just the way he said "Love" made my heart melt. I turned around and kissed his lips he smiled
"Keep dancing sweet heart" I said he shook his head at me

-Cassie's POV-

"Cass I'm hungry" Niall whines
"Oh yeah I brought you a surprise hold on" I say I dace around to his back following the steps and stuck a half a cookie in his mouth from my bag of cookies I had broke in half easier for him to chew he chewed and swallowed
"Your amazing" he told me
"Not as much as you" I said he smiled I checked him out
"By the way" I said he looked down at me
"You look sexy in your outfit" I said he blushed
"You too" he said giving me a quick peck on the lips I smiled and felt my cheeks get rosey
"I love how you still blush around me" he says
"I can't help it" I said he smiled and hugged me tightly to his chest I found myself trapped in a Horan Hug
"Another cookie?" I ask him as he lets me go he nods and I out a cookie in his mouth.


I still love to write this Movella I think it's my second one? I don't know but I still love to write this one tell me what you think about it! :) thanks to those who commented below it means a lot! <3
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