Back Up Dancer

Lucy is a back up dancer for one direction what happeneds when she gets pared up with a certain member and possibly falls for him what will happened? Find out!!


16. Oh! We Have To Get This!

A/N: Just a quick authors note before you start reading this chapter I wrote all of that months ago so sorry if it's "Carroty" I wrote it when all things "Carrot" were new things. Sorry if you hate it. The next chapters are new.



-Cassie's POV-

"Jeez are you ready yet Cassie?" Niall asked I walk out if the bathroom clutching my makeup bag 
"Why do you wear that shit your so beautiful without it" he says I smile I walk over and peck his lips he licks them afterward 
"Strawberry?" He asked 
"And banana" I say 
"Come back I didn't taste the banana" he says it's amazing how he loves my lip gloss flavors 
I walk back and stand in the middle of his legs he looks up at me from on the bed he puts his hands on my hips I put my hands on his face and kiss him for longer this time, he tilts his head to the side. I lean away he licks his lips as I re-apply the lipgloss 
"Now I got it" he says he stands up he was only about 3 inches taller than me then there was Liam and Harry who tower over me... And Niall, being the shortest member was hard he told me. 
He grabs his wallet and puts it I the back pocket of his low black jeans he takes his keys and we walk out of the house Niall wanted to go shopping today just for random stuff and he said he might re-do his room I told him it was about time he got rid of the JB blankets he laughed.

"So where to first?" I asked 
"Walmart" he said 
"Why?" I asked 
"It has everything" he says 
Niall and Louis were the worst with their money if they saw something no matter how stupid or weird it was or even how expensive it was they would buy it. The most smart with their money was Liam and Zayn, Harry was in-between.


We walk through the doors to Walmart Niall grabs a cart and as soon as we walk in he plops two bags of Doritos in the cart I sigh and grab a thing of strawberries. (He likes them...he'll thank me later) 
We leave the food section and head to the arts and crafts right away Niall is grabbing a giant coloring book that has disney characters in it 
"What it's for Liam" he says I shake my head and smile. 
He grabs a bunch of art supplies and paint and aprons and what not 
"I have something in mind for us to do" he says, we leave that section and head to house supplies 
"Harry said he needed new pots" Niall says
"Ok so what kind?" I asked 
"These!" Niall says pointing out a set of pots and a frying pan or two 
"The Rachel Ray brand?" I asked raising my brows 
"It has orange on it he'll love them" Niall says putting two sets in the cart 
"Then I guess were gunna need these?" I asked pointing to matching tongs and stuff he grins 
"Yeah!" He says grabbing one of each 
"Do you know how much your spending?" I asked 
"About 3 right now" he says 
"3 what?" I ask
"Hundred" he says I nearly faint thats all the money I have in savings...
We walk to the electronics center he takes his cart to the video game console isles 
He stops dead in his tracks causing me to bump into him I sigh 
"We're getting that" he says pointing to an Xbox 360 with black and stainless steal. Niall still and the older white one he tried to open the glass but it was locked 
"Why won't it open?" He asked 
"Because a worker has to get it hold on be right back" I said 
"Ok" he said 
I walk out into the main booth 
"Hi I would like to buy an Xbox" I said 
"Yeah I'll get it" I girl with a dirty blond pony tail with a side bang out to the side says sliding off the counter she was ten times prettier than me I got nervous she had chocolate eyes and plump lips she looked like so,wine but I couldn't put my finger on it. 
We walked to the isle and walk down it I was waiting for her to get all OMG NIALL HORAN! But she didn't 
"What one?" She asked Niall pointed to the one he was marveling at she unlocked the glass casing and took the box out 
"There you go" she said Niall accidentally put his hands on hers he looked into her eyes nervously 
"O-oh s-sorry" he stuttered nervously. 
"That's alright" she said smiling and flicking her head making her bang go back from her eyes a little she removed her hands letting Niall out the box in the cart 
"That's Kinect ready" she said Niall looked at her confused 
"Kinect? The thing Xbox developed?" She asked he shook his head 
"what is it?" He asked she took out a scratched up Samsung android 
"Here I'll youtube it" she said Niall stood behind her as she tapped the video soon noise was coming from the speakers he had his head by her shoulder, I was getting so jealous I felt like Zayn, he gets jealous everytime someone even looks at Kia.
I pull out my phone 
You: Oh my god Luna! The Walmart girl is totally hitting on Niall! >:[
Luna: Oh my god! What's he saying? 
You: he's not saying anything!!!!! I'm going to put this girl in a bare naked choke soon! She's showing Niall a video about kinect. BACK OFF 
Luna: you sound like Zayn... 
You: that's what I was thinking! I'll text you later k? 
Luna: ok. Make sure when she gets you guys to the cash register you kiss Niall and make it VERY clear you two are together. 
You: ok thanks bye Luna! 
I lock my phone we walk towards the check out the girl rings all the items threw her name tag says Prudence... I hated the fact she had a rare name. 
When she was ringing our items threw I decided to follow Luna's advice. I linked my fingers with Niall's and kissed his cheek he turned and looked down at me smiling as I pecked his lips he immediately licked his lips with the tip of his tongue he smiled 
"Remind me to get strawberries" he says 
"I already got some" I said he smiled 
"Your amazing." He said giving me and Eskimo kiss. (Where you tickle each others nose with your noses if you get that... :D) 
"Here you go have a good day" Prudence says we load up the bags and wheel the cart out. We load the stuff in the car and push the cart back Niall walks me to my door 
"I hate that she was shamelessly flirting with you" I said 
"She was flirting with me?" He asked 
"Didnt you notice?" I asked 
"How she was like doing it right infront of your eyes" I said 
"Maybe because I only have eyes for you" he said smiling I smiled and blushed he opened my door, I went to get in when he grabbed my hand 
"It's only you Cassie" he says before kissing me gently I smile 
"Good because I don't wanna loose you" I said 
"I'm not going anywhere" he said I smiled and kissed him again.


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