Back Up Dancer

Lucy is a back up dancer for one direction what happeneds when she gets pared up with a certain member and possibly falls for him what will happened? Find out!!


5. Night out with Tomlinson

(Lucy's POV)

"Are you ready?" Louis said at the door shoes already on
"Yeah, let's go" I said we stepped out and ran down the stone path we got into Louis' Porsche
"It feels like we're teenagers sneaking out!" Louis said excitedly
"Yeah but were the oldest ones in the house" I said as he started the car and backed up
"We're here" he said unbuckling his seatbelt I unbuckled mine he got out and ran to my door and opened it for me I smirked
"Smooth one Tomlinson" I said he smirked
"I try my best"
We walked into the V.I.P section of the night club Louis brought me too the music was blaring
'There she goes' by Pitbull and Taio Cruz came on Louis dragged me onto the dance floor I was squat first and then Louis grabbed my hands and started lifted them up I was laughing he brought my hands everywhere he spun himself around under my hands and then he put his hands on my waist I put my hands in the air as the course came and then I put them on his chest as I shook my waist Louis was laughing the song ended and 'I can only imagine' David guetta, Chris brown and Lil Whayne came on Louis cheered with the crowed.
Louis was lipping the words "where have you been all my life" to me I just giggled and shook it off
I laughed as Louis did the stop the traffic and let the people threw
I danced but putting my arms over my head and moved my hips Louis watched me dance
Two hours later...
Me and Louis were completely shit faced and were being kicked out of the club for being a nuisance we stood at the back of Louis' car
"We can't drive home" Louis slurred
"We can't walk home and leave your car here" I said feeling a little sick
"I've got an idea" Louis said
He struggled to get his phone out of his pocket and eventually got it out and went into his contacts and tapped the contact
'Harry Styles' and put it on speaker it rang and he eventually answered
"Louis?" He said
"Yeah it me mate"
"What the hell it's like 4 in the morning" he said
"And why is there music blaring in the back round?" He asked
"Cause were at a club" Louis said
"Wait who's 'We'?" Harry asked
"Me and Lucy" Louis slurred
"As if he siding know" Louis said to me
"You brought your dancer to the-" he sighed
"Louis why did you call me anyways?" Harry asked
"We need a ride home I can't drive I'm drunk remember?"
"Your drunk? Oh my god Louis I'm not going to take my car down there pick you up and drive you home on your car that makes no sense" Harry said
"Why don't you just take a taxi" I slurred
"She's drunk too? Oh my god Louis ill call a cab and be there soon just please don't go anywhere" he said
"I'm not going any where" Louis said
"Ok and Louis?" Harry said
"Be safe ok?" He said
"I'll try my best" he said
Harry sighed and then hung up
"What do we do now my trusty side kick?" Louis asked
"I don't know" I slurred
And then it shocked me at first and then I realized what was going on
Louis smashed his lips to mine.

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