Back Up Dancer

Lucy is a back up dancer for one direction what happeneds when she gets pared up with a certain member and possibly falls for him what will happened? Find out!!


13. Night Out On The Town

-Cassie's POV-

We are all going out clubbing tonight Niall was wearing the sexiest thing his hair was up in a Quiff he was wearing black jeans low riding black supras and a red V-Neck and a red Links bracelet and a black one I checked him out and he blushed
"Stop looking me over" he said smiling
"Your just too cute Nialler" I said he smiled
"Thanks" he said
I had on black skinny jeans and a turquoise tank that wasn't tight and had a cute design on it and turquoise toms Niall took my hand as we met up with everyone Harry fixed his curls as we walked out of the house must be nice to not have to style your hair.


We arrive at the club and go in I Gotta Feeling by the black eyed peas is just starting its blaring through the speakers Louis takes Luna's hand and they're gone, suddenly it's just me, Niall, Harry and Lacey
"Lets go to the bar" Harry says nudging Niall, Niall grips my hand as we walk through the crowed we grab barstools and order shots.

-Harry's POV-

I was here to go wild, at age 18 I'm not even allowed in here bit since Louis has connections he gets all of us in Lacey at age 17 shouldn't even be allowed to look in the door. Our shots are slid to us we count to three and down them me and Cassie finish first
After about 5 shots each we go out Ono the dance floor going crazy Cassie and Niall grinding, me and Lacey waving our arms in the air laughing a our selves I wasn't even drunk yet. This is going I be an awesome night.
Back in time by Pitbull starts Lacey cheers with the crowed I smiled as she did her dancer moves on me.

-Louis' POV"

"Oh baby my sweet baby your the one" I sing to Luna she blushes as people pass around glowing things I snatch a tube of glow paint put battle lines on my cheeks Luna does the same and then she puts some on her hands and puts it on my chest I smirk and put hand prints on her bum she laughs
I look over and see Zayn and Kia doing shots Liam and Tara in a make out session and Harry, Lacey, Niall and Cassie dancing covered in flow paint Harry even has some in his curls.
Feel so close by Calvin Harris comes on
"I feel so close to you right now it's a force field" I sing to Luna she smiles and puts some glow paint on her lips and kisses my cheek as we jump with the crowed

-Zayn's POV-

Me and Kia were doing shots and laughing as we were in the process of getting shit faced. As the music blared me and Kia kissed did shots got glow paint and just chatted our mouthes off with the bar tender. When Louis came over and slapped my bar
"Hey is there any drinks left since you and Kia got here?" He says smirking
"Haha very funny" I said Luna and Kia were chatting away beside us Louis plunks down on the barstool next to me and orders a beer
Sweet nothing another Calvin Harris one plays the catchy beat picking up my attitude and making me happy.

-Lacey's POV-

I grinded with Harry for a little bit then we started to just dance the glow bluefin his hair and on his face and shirt I kept leaving him glowing kisses along his neck and lips I just loved him so much. Who knew being a dancer might help me find love, help all of my friends find love.
"Your zoning out love" harry says in my ear
"I was just thinking about how amazing you are" I said smiling he smiled and kissed me
The song covered up my beating heart that felt like it was going to jump out of my chest.
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