Back Up Dancer

Lucy is a back up dancer for one direction what happeneds when she gets pared up with a certain member and possibly falls for him what will happened? Find out!!


17. First Fancy Date.

(Luna's POV)

I walked into the kitchen the next day, Louis and the boys were sitting at the table. They looked back at me

"What?" I asked they turned around again whispering again. I took a banana from the counter and threw it landed right in the center of their "Conference."

"Hey! Don't throw the bananas!" He yelled I raised my brows at him as he peeled it and took a bite of it. Louis turns to me

"So Louis where are you taking Luna on your FFD?" Niall asked

"FFD?" I asked Louis smiled

"First Fancy Date." He said I brought my brows together

"It's where I take you somewhere fancy for a date for the first time." He explained it further.

"No I got that part but why? I'm fine with the fun dates we've been having." I said

"Ooooh, Louis you just got rejected!" Harry says Niall swats his arm and realization snaps into Harry's face they stand beside each other circling their hands infront of their chest singing

"Rejected, Rejected.. You just got rejected. R, E, J, E, C, T, E, D! YOU JUST GOT REEEEJECTED!" Louis just looks at them blankly they stopped dancing and Zayn started to clap hesitantly

"Are you finished?" Louis asked sassily they nodded smirking still. Louis turned back around to me

"So where do you wanna go?" He asked

'I don't know you choose a place." I said he nodded

"You gotta take her to the steak house down town." Niall suggests

"No take her to the Lobster shack a few minutes from here" Liam says

"No that place is rubbish take her to the sushi place" Zayn says

"NO! The best place is the-" I cut Harry off before he could finish

"BOYS! This is my date. I get to pick." I said

"Fine I'll take Cassie to the Steak House." Niall says leaving the room

"I'm taking Tara to the Lobster Shack" Liam says leaving the room

"I guess I'll take Kia to the Sushi Shack" Zayn says shrugging and leaving

Louis and I look at Harry

"I didn't really have a place in mind so I'll decide when I'm in the car." He says walking out of the room and yelling Lacey's name.

"So where are we gunna go?" I asked Louis

"I don't know that steak house sounds pretty inviting." He says I nodded

"Then We'll double date with Niall and Cassie." I said

"I'd rather go alone and throw stuff at their table." He said I nodded

"Sounds like a plan." I said before leaving to get ready.


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