Back Up Dancer

Lucy is a back up dancer for one direction what happeneds when she gets pared up with a certain member and possibly falls for him what will happened? Find out!!


8. Did We Um Kiss?

(Lucy's POV)

Me and Louis walked down stairs and we walked into the kitchen to see everyone else up and eating mini snacks they looked at us and stopped chewing and looked at us

"What?" Louis said

"Getting drunk?" Lacey said

"At Treason?" Zayn added

they all laughed at us me and Louis looked at each other

"We cant  even remember what happened last night" Louis said I nodded

"You guys were completely shit to the faced" Harry said

"And how do you know that?" I asked

"I drove you two home"

"You were with us then how come you let us get drunk?" Louis asked as we sat with the others

"Actually I wasn't you called me drunk out of your minds saying you needed a drive so I took a taxi down and drove you guys home in your car" Harry said, his eyes connected with mine but then quickly went to his food again

"Atleast I didnt drive drunk and kill us both" Louis said smirking at me

"True" I said taking a bit of Harry's poptart he had a look of disapointment

"Are we going to do something today or not?" Kia asked

"Yeah lets do something" Cassie wined

"Ok lets go get ready and go to the beach" Harry said

they all got up but me and Louis stayed sitting

"What are you guys doing come on get ready" Liam said

"I think I speak for both of us by that I mean me and Lucy when I say we have huge head aches aka hangover and would like to stay here and watch movies than be in the sun" Louis said

"Nicely said" I added in Louis high fived me

"Ok then" Liam said and left

about 20 minutes later they were leaving

"Now dont go out partying again you two" Lacey said Harry walked up and nodded

"We wont come pick you up thius time we will let the police do that" Harry said and they were gone

"What should we do?" Louis asked

"I saw two beers and some wine in the fridge" I said

"I like the way you think" he said

"Get dressed" He added we ran up the stairs while we were getting dressed

"Where are we going?" I asked

"Walmart I gotta get something hurry up" He said walking but me and slapping my bum which caused me to giggle

Me quickly got out of the house and got into Louis' porsche and he drove towards walmart

'Dont Wake Me Up' By Chris Brown came on over the radio and Louis turned it up... I smiled

We pulled into a parking spot at walmart and got out we walked in and Louis went over to the summer fun section he didnt even talk to me he walked over and grabbed a blow up kiddy pool and kept walking, he eventually put it in an empty cart and threw in stuff like goggles and sunscreen

"Um Louis" I started but he put his finger across my lips and kept going he picked up a bikini and sized it up against me he picked out the bikini you could tell black and white striped top with red bottoms he said he had a matching pair at home. he threw in a beach umbrella

We finally reached the cheack out

"Is this it?" she asked, Louis Chuckled and pointed to the empty space

"No I'll take all this invisible shit too" He said I laughed she smiled and shook her head

"I'm sorry I had too" He said she nodded

"Have a good day" She said

we walked out with our cart

we loaded it up in the car which was almost impossible it had to be stuffed in

We got home and Louis brought all the bags to the back yard I didnt understand because they had a huge inground pool why buy a Kiddy Pool?

"Why buy a kiddy pool when you have that?" I asked pointing to the big pool

"Because its not fun now can you go get the pump out of the garage please Love?" He asked

"Yep" I said and walked into the garage I found a pump and brought it out he smiled and thanked me in minutes our boob height kiddy pool was blown up

"Take one of those buckets Love" Louis said as he grabbed a bucket

"Why do we need buckets?" I asked

"I want pre-heated water from the pool not the cold shit that comes out of the hose" Louis said I laughed and it took a few trips to fill the pool and now we were setting up the beach umbrella Louis had bought beach hats so when we changed into our bathing suits Louis in a black and white stiped trunks. we grabbed the beer and the wine with two wine glasses we grabbed our sunglasses and walked out side we climbed into the pool

we werent drunk but were drinking out of our beer bottles when the boys and the girls came home

"Lou Luc?!" They called

"Out here!" Louis called Harry walked out first and laughed

"What are you guys doing?" Liam asked

"Living it up wanna join?" Louis asked






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