Back Up Dancer

Lucy is a back up dancer for one direction what happeneds when she gets pared up with a certain member and possibly falls for him what will happened? Find out!!


7. Babysitting The Babysitters...

(Harry's POV)

We walked into the house I locked the door behind me and looked at Louis and Lucy they were looking around the house

"Your house is really nice Harold" Louis said

"Louis this is your house too" I said

"I live here I must be loaded" He said

I chuckled

"Alright time for bed" I said

"I want o go back out" Lucy said

"No bedtime" I said pushing them both up the steps and into Louis' room

"Hey Lou" I said he stumbled back over to me

"Keep it in your pants alright?" I said

"Haha sure Hazza" He said

"Seriously though that would make you look bad" I said

"I know Haz can I sleep now?" He asked


"But can we actually go back out" Louis asked

"Nope" I said shutting his doors just to make sure they didnt sneak out I sat at the top of the stairs incase they tried to sneak out Louis' door opened Louis and Lucy came out

"Nope go back to bed" I whisper yelled at them

they sighed and went back into the room this went on till I fell asleep

(Lucy's POV)

I woke up cuddling with Louis I had a hangover but I could hardly remember what happened last night but I know we had a blast Louis was awesome I snuggled into his chest more

(Tara's POV)

I woke up and yawned Liam looked like an angel in his sleep I got up and went into the bathroom I was wearing Liam's clothes that smelt like him I smiled and  bit my lower lip I brushed my hair and walked out of the room and I looked down at the stairs and was confused Harry was sleeping on the top of the stairs I went and sat down and patted his shoulder

"Harry" I whispered

He moaned

"Harry" I whispered again he woke up

"Tara?" He asked

"Yeah its me why are you sleeping on the stairs?" I asked

"Long Story" He said sounding like he didnt wanna tell me it

I settled in and leaned in closer he sighed and begun telling me the story..

(Louis' POV)

I have a massive hangover I opened my eyes and saw Lucy snuggled into my chest I smiled and wrapped my arms around her waist tighter she moaned and looked up at my face I smiled

"Good morning Love" I said

"Can we stay in bed for a while?" she asked

"Of course" I said he snuggled up to me more

(Kia's POV)

I opened my eyes and saw Zayn sleeping he looked so beautiful I shut my eyes again and drifted into a morning sleep.

(Niall's POV)

I woke up and Cassie's forhead was on mine and I lenaed in and softly kissed her lips

I didnt know what compelled me to do that but I just wanted to wake up like this every single morning.

(Lacey's POV"

I woke up and didnt see Harry he must be making breakfast I smiled to myself and went into the bathroom and started to fix my hair.

(Liam's POV)

I opened my eyes and I couldnt see Tara anywhere did she leave? I got up out of bed and walked out of the room and saw her talking with Harry on the steps

"Whats up?" I asked while sitting cross legged

"Nothing really wanna uh tell him the story?" Tara asked

He sighed but began the story once more








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