Back Up Dancer

Lucy is a back up dancer for one direction what happeneds when she gets pared up with a certain member and possibly falls for him what will happened? Find out!!


6. Ashamed.

(Harry's POV)

I slowly got out of the bed trying not to wake Lacey I sucessfully got to my closet I pulled out some track pants that were probably Liam's cause they hugged my ankles and I usualy dont wear this kind I stick to my black skinny jeans. I put a peach colored T-shirt on and my white converse and called the taxi.

The Taxi pulled up and I walked out grabbing my phone and went into the back

"Treason Please" I said the driver nodded and I was on my mind hoping they stayed safe.

(Lucy's POV)

Louis' lips were warm we leaned away and he smiled

"Just had to do that atleast once" he said I smiled and pulled his shirt so he would be close enough so I could kiss him again. which I did. we leaned away again and smiled at eachother

"What I had to do it once two" I said he smiled we leaned back and waited for Harry still wasted out of our minds.

(Harry's POV)

I pulled up to the club and paid the driver and got out of the cab and ran into the club

"Harry" girls squealed and I noticed I really should have went into the V.I.P section Louis would be there

secruity walked over to me he was about 2 feet taller than me

"Are you Harry Styles from that band One Direction?" he asked

"Yeah why?" I asked he grabbed my arm and started pulling on me I was resisting trying to plant my feet in a stable places

"No, No I'm looking for Louis" I whined he ignored me and kept dragging me my shoes started to squeak I pulled my arm free and ran into the crowed he chased after me I ghetto jumped over a couch and he stood at the opposite side of the couch I acted like I was going one way and he lounged for that way and I ran away towards the bar

I reached it

"Have you seen Lo- ow ow" I said the securtiy guard came over and lifted me up off the ground

"Come on have you seen Louis Tomlinson?" I asked him, he didnt answer me

"I can walk you know shit just let me go" I said he set me down on the ground on the outside of the club and didnt let me back in I went over to the guy guarding the door

"Do you know where Louis Tomlinson is?" he stood there not changing his facial expression.

"Heeeellllloooo?" I said waving my hand across his face

"Screw you" I said and looked at the line

"This club sucks everyone just go home!" I said and smirked at the security guard

"See you when you have no job" I said and walked away

I walked around to the parking lot and saw Louis' car and walked around to the back and saw Louis and Lucy completely shit faced

"Harry bout time you get here" Louis said

"Sorry I was um busy" I said

"Lets go then" I added

"Where are we going?" Louis asked

"Disney World" I said as they walked towards the car

"Really?!" Louis yelled

"No were going home" I said

"haha You got me Styles" He said

we were in the car and pulling out of the club I have driven Louis' car before so I knew what I was doing I got out onto the road and sped down the street.

"wee" they said I chuckled

a few minutes later I heard something in the back seat I looked in the mirrior and saw Louis and Lucy making out

"Ewww please guys" I said they laughed and kept kissing

"Seriously thats disgusting" I said turning on the radio to distarct me from them kissing

"Starships were meant to fly!" Louis sang loudly I leaned my arm agasint the window and sighed

this is going to be a long drive...

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