Nothing's Fine, I'mTorn

20 year old Annie Mayse is attending college in Oxford. She is tired of her boring life, with the same schedule every day. Then, one day, everything changes when she meets Louis Tomlinson, and even more so when she meets his best mate, Harry Styles.


2. 13 Weeks Earlier *Annie's POV*

It was a pretty normal day. I drove into Oxford to go to school and prayed for the day to go by faster. I had a major history exam that counted for a third of my semester grade, and I was tired from studying all night. My parents had been been reminding me in every way they could to "be responsible". It was as if they had no idea who I was: the responsible girl with an amazing sense of humor. That was all. I wasn't a notorious partier, I never got drunk, and I managed to get decent grades. All of their nagging got on my nerves, so I bascically ignored it all. "Oh, crap," I thought to myself. I had forgotten my books. Great. I debated whether to be late and get my books, or be on time and risk getting chewed out by Mr. Duvall, the strictest teacher we had at Oxford. "Either way, I'll get chewed out, so I may as well be late," I said to myself. I turned around and headed back to my flat. As soon as I grabbed my books, I headed back out to Oxford. I was 45 minutes late, and missed the time frame to take my quiz. Perfect. Now I wouldn't get the luxury of an hour and a half break period. By the time I had to go in to take my test, I was already pissed. I finished it in about half an hour, so I still had an hour to spare. It was 4:30, and my last class was study hall, which I could afford to miss. I decided to head down to the local Starbucks, in need a a vanilla bean frappucino. As I stood in line, I couldn't help but notice a gorgeous boy with the prettiest blue eyes I had ever seen. I was so mesmerized by him, that I didn't know he was walking towards me. "Excuse me miss," he said, "But why did the mushroom go to the party?" he asked. "Uh?" was all I could say, "Because he was a fungi!" he shouted. I started laughing uncontrollably. "Wha-?" I started to say. "I like a girl with a sense of humor," he shrugged. "Let me introduce myself. My name is Louis, but you can call me anytime," he winked. "I'm Annie," I giggled. "Would you like to sit?" Louis asked. "I would love nothing more," I said, completely forgetting my drink. We talked for about three hours. We talked about our life, I told him that I wanted to be an actress, and he a singer. He said he was in a band called One Direction, and they were starting to become very sucessful. At 7:45, we both announced that we had to go. "It was lovely meeting you Annie!" Louis said. "Yeah, I had fun!" "We should do this again sometime... how about tomorrow?" he asked. So we exchanged numbers and kissed eachother goodnight. As I flopped into my bed, I couldn't help replaying the night in my head. It was a nice date. And I couldn't wait for tomorrow night!

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