Zayns Triangle

*Chapter One*
Hannah was having a normal friday. She was hanging at Zayn's who she has known since she was about six years old. They would allways hang out. Whether it was blowing bubbles or asking advice on her boyfriend Zayn was allways there for her. Zayn had also invited Niall and Louis to hang and watch a movie. Halfway through Niall and Louis had to leave to go talk with harry. The movie was really romantic. It was about a girl who lobs her best friend but the guy who she had used to like loved her too. Hannah looked over at Zayn and suprized to find him staring at her. She had secretly had a crush on him since they were 8 and they were 19 now but she never thought he felt the same way about her. So when he leaned on to make a move she stood up and ran out of the house. What had she done? Hannah knew she liked Zayn so why was she so nervous?


1. The movie

It was a normal Friday night for me. My names Hannah and I'm 19. I was hanging at Zayns. He and I were like brother and sisters. I have known him since I was 6 years old and I have a HUGE crush on him. He's so cute and understanding and he's allways there for me. We were watching a romance movie. I looked at Zayn and was suprized to see him staring back at me with those beautiful brown eyes. I started to think he was going to kiss me. I knew I liked him but the thought of him liking me gave me a jolt in my stomach. I jumped up and said " uhhh I got to go my mom called." I raced out and hopped into my car. I usually would walk to him house as its not that far from mine but it was dark today and this neighborhood was not a good one. I sat in my car for a while. What had I done? I loved Zayn why had I just leave him staring at me with those eyes and that face? I drove home in tears. When I got home I just cryed myself to sleep.
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