Zayns Triangle

*Chapter One*
Hannah was having a normal friday. She was hanging at Zayn's who she has known since she was about six years old. They would allways hang out. Whether it was blowing bubbles or asking advice on her boyfriend Zayn was allways there for her. Zayn had also invited Niall and Louis to hang and watch a movie. Halfway through Niall and Louis had to leave to go talk with harry. The movie was really romantic. It was about a girl who lobs her best friend but the guy who she had used to like loved her too. Hannah looked over at Zayn and suprized to find him staring at her. She had secretly had a crush on him since they were 8 and they were 19 now but she never thought he felt the same way about her. So when he leaned on to make a move she stood up and ran out of the house. What had she done? Hannah knew she liked Zayn so why was she so nervous?


2. The kiss

I knew Zayn was part of a big boy band called one direction an that Niall was a part of that band and somtimes I ran into him at Zayns party's but when I went to Zayns house the next day I was a little suprized to see him there. "oh hey Niall I was just stopping by to see Zayn." I was blushing like crazy da** Niall was hot. " I'll leave you too alone." Niall said with a smirk. He walked out of the room. "Zayn I'm so sorry for walkin out on u last night I was just a little over whelmed and i just maybe didn't know how you felt about me and I mean you know I like you do maybe you were just playing me or something I was just really scared and embarrassed and I just don't know. " " Are you done?" Zayn said with a laugh. Yeah i guess so I replied. Then without warning he leaned into me and kissed me full on the lips! I was so happy I almost cryed! It was only a few short secobds though. Then Niall walked in. " Oh ..... A little more then friends then aren't you?"
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