Evyls Edges : Wishes & Witch Crafts

This is similar to a Harry Potter story, but none of the characters are located into this story. If your a Harry Potter fan (Like Me) You will probably like the book! I use some of the background ideas from Harry Potter (Like the settings/accents) Hope you enjoy! (Different type of Hogwarts school too!)
Evyls Edges seems like a pretty weird name. But if you know the town like the rest of these wizards, you'll know for sure that it's the most normal name known. Bandar, is the smallest town out of the counrtry, but with a big population Evyls, is a normal girl in her wizard world with a past that she has forgotten. And this is her adventure, putting that puzzle back together.


3. What Stands Before You

Gravlin had told me something I didn't understand, and I thought about it on the way to his cottage. Small, the perfect size for me to live in. The house was made of logs and wood, and he lived far out of town of Bandar. My room, had a window showing my school, how beautiful it was.

I opened my suitcase, and began making myself at home. I put my clothes in my dresser, and picture frames on a small desk in the corner. I felt in a mini world. As I walked into the kitchen, Gravlin was standing by the stove, cooking a liquid substance. "You like it here m'darlin?"

I nodded my head. "It makes me feel at home." I plopped down onto the couch in the living room, that was across from the open hallway of the kitchen. A warm fire booming infront of me.

"I'm glad it does." I pulled my sleeves up over my hands, and blew into them.

"So when does school start again?" He turned, after finishing stirring the liquid in the pot.

"Tomorrow, that's why your going to bed soon." He said, I laughed, as he had a wild grin on his face.

"I get bedtimes here too?" He turned back to his pot, adding some salt type substance.

"This is your new home, and I'm like, well I'm your mentor, but I'm like another parent."

"So your in charge?" He laughed.

"I own the house don't I?"

I smiled getting up and sitting at the wooden dining table. "Yes." He brought a bowl over to me, with some normal carrot, chicken, and potato soup. "Did you know this is my favorite soup?"

He nodded. "Your mother told me, and besides, that's almost all I have."

"Good I can live off of that." He laughed, as he sat down across from me in a chair much bigger than mine.

"You nervous for school tomorrow?" He boomed.

"No not really." I said as I lifted a spoonful of soup and blew onto it before putting it into my mouth. But to be honest, I wasen't really nervous for school.

"There's dorms there that you can move into next year."

"Gravlin I'm going to have a lot of quiestions you know that right?"

"I know the future that beholds you, and I plan on keeping them to myself for you to figure them out yourself."

"Why make things difficult?" I laughed, he seemed like he was being put under control.

"Because, I control your life." I dropped my spoon, mentor's control your life? Or just him controls my life? A person doesn't tell you that they control your life everyday. I didn't finish up my soup, but I stood up.

"Urgh, I'm tired."

"I know what your thinking Evyls Edges, and believe me. You won't think I'm weird when you find out who you really are." I walked into my room with his words. This wizard witch whatever I am stuff is really making me mad. And his hypmotized freaky brain was starting to make me scrambled eggs. I jumped into my bed, not really caring that I haden't changed to my night gown. And I fell asleep, faster then I could remember to groom my hair, change, or brush my teeth. What a first exsausting day...

Authors Note: Slow moving so far. But she starts school tomorrow, I can't wait to write about it! It may be late again.. Basketball is starting.

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