Evyls Edges : Wishes & Witch Crafts

This is similar to a Harry Potter story, but none of the characters are located into this story. If your a Harry Potter fan (Like Me) You will probably like the book! I use some of the background ideas from Harry Potter (Like the settings/accents) Hope you enjoy! (Different type of Hogwarts school too!)
Evyls Edges seems like a pretty weird name. But if you know the town like the rest of these wizards, you'll know for sure that it's the most normal name known. Bandar, is the smallest town out of the counrtry, but with a big population Evyls, is a normal girl in her wizard world with a past that she has forgotten. And this is her adventure, putting that puzzle back together.


1. Move it or Lose it

I rolled my big loud suit case down and inbetween the loud crowd of people. If one more old person was to step infront of me, I was going to be late to my first day of school at Belgadmor As I lost my patience I pushed passed the lady infront of me, feeling little sorrow. I began to jog, as I heard a man yell last call for B.S.W (Belgadmor's School for Wizards). A man was about to close the doors, as I quickly shoved my hand in between and pushed past him. "Sorry, didn't want to miss the train." He took his cap of.

"No worries, it's happened to many." He smiled and I took my seat, at a booth looking type area. I sat close to the window, I didn't do to well with traveling especially in the winter. The train got hotter, so I took off my jacket. Finally realizing what I had put on this morning. A red turtle neck sweater, with a short brown skirt and leggings. Not to bad of an outfit for getting dressed in a couple of minutes. My hair, was down and curly, the normal with a black headband that matched my skirt and leggings. A guy and a girl stopped next to my table.

"Can we sit with you? All the other seats are taken." I noticed the guy who was speaking had that same type of accent as me.

"Ugh yeah sure." They sat across from me at the table looking booth thing. The guy had brown spiked hair with a winter coat, and jeans. The girl had on a black coat, and jeans. I moved my suitcase into the booth I was sitting at. I opened up my suitcase and took out a pillow.

"Going to bed so early?" He said. I didn't really know who he was, but if he was trying to make friends. I didn't really have the intentions to become 'Buddys'.

"Yeah, is that a problem for you?" My voice sounded a little ruder then I thought it was, but I was just being rude in general this morning.

"No not at all." He said putting his hands out infront of him. "My names Michel Mayvrick, if you wanted to know."

"Not really, but sure." I closed up my suitcase, not really caring.

He laughed a little, "Aren't you going to tell me your name?"

"Evyls." I said dully, throwing my suitcase back under the table. The train whistle blew, and there was a sudden jolt before all went smooth. I stood up in the hallway, and pressed the button on the side of the chair. The chair flipped over to a bed looking chair.

"And your last name is?" He asked, I plopped myself onto the bed chair.

"None of your business." He nodded his head and bit his lip. His 'Lady girl' spoke no words.

"Nice to meet you Evyls None of your business, I guess we'll just leave you to your nap. It seems like you really need that."

"Your working on getting punched."

"Okay I'll shut up." I laughed a little to myself as I rested my head on my pillow. And I slept, the full way there...

Authors Note:That was a fun chapter to write. Because first of all, it was the first chapter. Second of all, I like to be mean to guys. Lol and it was just exciting to write my first book! Can't wait for you to all hear more!

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