Evyls Edges : Wishes & Witch Crafts

This is similar to a Harry Potter story, but none of the characters are located into this story. If your a Harry Potter fan (Like Me) You will probably like the book! I use some of the background ideas from Harry Potter (Like the settings/accents) Hope you enjoy! (Different type of Hogwarts school too!)
Evyls Edges seems like a pretty weird name. But if you know the town like the rest of these wizards, you'll know for sure that it's the most normal name known. Bandar, is the smallest town out of the counrtry, but with a big population Evyls, is a normal girl in her wizard world with a past that she has forgotten. And this is her adventure, putting that puzzle back together.


4. First Day

"Up Up Up!" I quickly got up out of my bed, and ran into my closet door.

"Oww." I rubbed my head, as I opened my closet door with my other hand. I looked through my closet.

"Gravlin what should I wear?" Gravlin came into my room, and threw me an outfit. It was a black skirt with a black sweater, high socks, and flat shoes. "School outfits?" He didn't respond. I groaned as I closed my door and changed. I walked over to the mirror, grabbing my comb. I groomed my shoulder length red hair, and put a clip on the side. I looked so childish. I ran out into the kitchen, and on the table was bacon, sliced carrots, and potatos. I sat down at the table and began eating. Then realizing I was so hungry, and it was really good.

Gravin threw a bag at me, and luckily I caught it in time. "Go, run! Your going to be late!" I looked at him confused.

"I have to walk to school?"

"It's only about a mile and a half, you should make it there if you speed walk, so go right now!" I quickly threw the bag over my shoulder, and ran out the door. He was right though, Belgadmor's wasen't to far from his house. I began running at a slow jog, it was actually kind of fun. As I began to see some students, I stopped running and made sure my red hair was still curled and perfect. That was a true workout, I would for sure have to get use to running that much everyday.

I made it to the Belgadmor's about 10 to 11 minutes after I left Gravlins, which isen't bad at all for the first run, in like my life. I walked into the big gates of Belgadmor, it was beaitful and Huge close up and far away! Teachers were lined up against the wall, waving to some students that were from last year. 

I felt a hard bump on my shoulder, and turned to look. "Oh my, I'm so sorry I'm in a huge hurry!" They said as they turned to look at me. "Evyls!" Michel...

"Hey Michel." I said, not to bright.

"What's with the low face?" He asked putting his arm around me.

"Nothing, just tired." I looked down at the ground, feeling really weird.

"You look hot in your school uniform." My cheeks turned a bright red.

"Michel! Hey Man!" I was starting to feel like I was going to stop breathing from the big crowd of students rushing into the building. But Michel and that other guy gave eachother a those man hug things, and greeted eachother.

"Hey man, this is Evyls." Michel Introduced me.

"Hot ass over in the house." Michels friend said, carefully looking me up and down.

"Yeah, ugh Michel I got to go." I said, not really caring whether I was hot or not. I didn't plan on being some slut, I just wanted to be a witch wizard whatever I am. I pulled away from them, hearing them argue as I left. We were all headed to the New Room, which they also called the room where all students are to meet, for any announcment. The room is very open, it has a stage, with wooden seats down below in 4 sections.

It took a while, but we all gathered around edventually, thank gosh I wasen't the only person wearing a school uniform, infact everybody was. As the New Room settled down, a man with a long beard, tall, skinner, but reminded me of Gravlin stood infront of us all with his hands in the air. "Welcome welcome students." He had a loud voice, for such a big room.

Everybody went silent, and looked straight foward. It was kind of awkward. A loud slam echoed through the room as 2 teachesr closed the big doors. The man walked foward once again. "I am Cassius Odegen, your school ministor." He paused once again, making sure each student would get every word he was saying. "You may all be wondering why your here new men and women." He paused again, like it was some speech. But his words replayed through my mind. "Today is your day of categorize in 4 different types of departments that fit your set of personality traits." I began to get a little excited for this. "I will not tell you, which your group is about or described as till you have been picked and placed." He looked at us all, and reached behind him. To pull out a small glass chess. It had nothing in it. I looked at him kind of funny, and a lot of us looked confused. "This glass chest holds your future of independance and the way you live in this school. And remember, no one is better than the other." I saw him look over to me, well I thought he did. But then he set the glass chest onto a wooden table. As all us 'New' kids lined up onto the stage, and to the back of the 'New Room'. I guess this wasen't going to be as bad as I figured it would be... just maybe.


Authors Note: I SO BADLY wanted to write more. But I have only came up with 1 name for the categories, so if you want to name some down below. Go ahead I don't care. Make them kind of sound acient or whatever. You know, I'm basing it off Harry Potter. Soo.. Keep it real thanks! And also sorry for slow updates. REALLY BUSY WITH BASKETBALL AND MY BOYFRIEND! D; I'm TRYING!

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