Evyls Edges : Wishes & Witch Crafts

This is similar to a Harry Potter story, but none of the characters are located into this story. If your a Harry Potter fan (Like Me) You will probably like the book! I use some of the background ideas from Harry Potter (Like the settings/accents) Hope you enjoy! (Different type of Hogwarts school too!)
Evyls Edges seems like a pretty weird name. But if you know the town like the rest of these wizards, you'll know for sure that it's the most normal name known. Bandar, is the smallest town out of the counrtry, but with a big population Evyls, is a normal girl in her wizard world with a past that she has forgotten. And this is her adventure, putting that puzzle back together.


5. Dorms and Dungeons

I looked ahead of me on stange, curious of the different departments. Minister Odegen, stood behind the wooden table, making sure to see each and every person. "Mr. Memis Emvrys, welcome to Belgadmor." The boy bowed his head, and reached into the glass chest. It sent a soft blast of light from the chest, as he pull his hand out. A beautifully designed peice of paper, lay in his hand. "Go ahead." The boy, Memis, Opened the folded paper, revleaing his department. "Congratulations Memis, your in Owolmussels." Memis walked around, looking proud. Then I tried to think of what Owolmussels could be. Well I got the Owl part out of it, owls are smart, wise. Well that's all I could really think of, smart or wise. "Memis is a smart boy then." I said lowly under my breath.

A girl, with curly blonde hair approached. "Ms. Danayoll Aevid, I welcome you here, and your brother back." She smiled and reached her hand into the chest, once again letting out a small burst of light. She took no time to open up her folded paper. "Foxbuwjio, a different department as your brother." Odegen smiled, "You'll be a great bloodwound." She nodded her head, looking a little upset. Was I the only person that didn't understand this bloodwound, witch, wizard stuff? I was only ten people away, and judging by the fox at the begining of Foxbuwjio, I figued the department has something about, Sneakyness, Trouble causer, A hunter. But that's all I could come up with.

By the time I was trying to figure out what Foxbuwjio's features, I was next in line. "WOOH EVYLS!" I turned towards the crowd of people to find Michels standing up waving his arms. I blushed a little then turned toward Minister Odegen. "Evyls Edges." He smiled, "I knew your parents well." He put his hand out, telling me to pick a folded sheet of paper. I went to reach in, when my sleeve rolled up, revealing my tattoo, A cold hand rapped around my tattood wrist and pain filled my arm. I fell the the ground, to find Minister Odegens and a couple of other teachers at my side. Great center attention again. A couple of teachers, used their magic to move me from the line. I sat up feeling a little dizzy. Odegen left to carry on the show.

A women, a little bit old looking came to my side, grabbing my wrist. Once again pain filled my arm. I grabbed her arm, and she released. "Would you STOP!" I felt anger rush through me, which was unnormal for me.

The lady looked at me blanked eyed. "Come with me please." Great, now I was getting in trouble for yelling at her for hurting me. What a sucky first day of school. I got up, not letting the helping hands help me up. I followed carelessly and mad behind her. We walked down the long twisted brick hallways of my school. I got so dizzy, I lost track of where we even were. Until I noticed we had reached a classroom, and I just figured it was hers. Until we walked into it. There were cells and cuffs on the wall. I stopped at the door, and began running down the hallway.

I felt pain in me again, as I fell to the ground with her wand pointed directly at me. She walked up to me. "First of all, there's no running in the hallways." I looked at her, was she insane? "Second of all, you should not run from me unless instructed." I laid on my back, "And third of all, I'm not locking you in a dungeon, although I'm thinking about it." She said with her nose stuck in the air looking down at me. I got up by myself and followed her. If I had a wand and knew spells, I swear I would kill this women. I followed her down another brick hallway through cells, cuffs, and chains. The long hallway, led us to a large wooden door, where she pointed her wand at the door. Muttering a spell that I couldn't make out, but whatever she said got the door to open.

As we walked in, potions and books covered the walls, tables, and shelves. It felt almost surreal. She grabbed my arm, and threw it on the table, pulling my sleeve up, and chaining my wrist down to the table before I could even run. I tried jerking away, and she touched my wrist. I almost fell back down to the grownd. It was almost unbearrable. It felt like every bone in your body were being burned. "Don't move." She ordered to me.

"Then let go of me! I never wanted to be here!" She turned back around at me, rising a brow.

"Then why did you come here?" I looked at her like some crazy women.

"Cus of my parents?" I said in a stupid tone.

"First of all it's because, not cus." She paused now looking through piles of books. "Second of all-" I cut her off.

"I don't care lady!" I felt a buldge of anger release my body. But I had every right to be rude.

"Okay, if you want to be difficult and rude, I'll do this the hard way." She lit a small match, and came over to me. She rested the match onto my wrist, and I instantly began screaming in agony and pain. She let it sit on my skin, as it burned my skin. I didn't cry though, just screamed and crippled to the ground with my hand still chained to the table. As the pain began to worsen, I couldn't feel it anymore. So I kneel on both my knees, with my hand holding me up on the table. She ripped the melted match off my skin, and I winced. My eyes were dreary, I felt like an experiment that didn't want anything to do with anybody.

She set a book down next to my arm, but I was to weak to even look. She brought her wand and a needle over to me. As she slipped a brown looking liquid into the needle, and pushed the needle into my forearm of the wrist that was chained to the table. I began feeling dizzy quickly, as she whispered a spell. And my lips began shaking, as every muscle in my body stopped for just a split second.


Authors Note: I feel a little bad for not updating. But nobodys reading my book yet... So I'll just update this speed. Cus I'm busy and nobody cares so. Comment Like and all that other stuff :]

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