Evyls Edges : Wishes & Witch Crafts

This is similar to a Harry Potter story, but none of the characters are located into this story. If your a Harry Potter fan (Like Me) You will probably like the book! I use some of the background ideas from Harry Potter (Like the settings/accents) Hope you enjoy! (Different type of Hogwarts school too!)
Evyls Edges seems like a pretty weird name. But if you know the town like the rest of these wizards, you'll know for sure that it's the most normal name known. Bandar, is the smallest town out of the counrtry, but with a big population Evyls, is a normal girl in her wizard world with a past that she has forgotten. And this is her adventure, putting that puzzle back together.


7. Better Alone

The rest of the day I spent the day in Minister Odegen's office. It's design gave me freaky memories. Minister Odegen's went for about 30 minutes to dismiss students from the school, funny story I wasen't one of them to be dissmissed.

As the school began to empty, Odegen's showed himself once again to my face. He approached with a chest, but this time it wasen't clear, it was like a normal chest. I looked at him funny. "Aren't you going to choose one?" He asked me.

"No, it's not the same as the other chest from the others, so why should I?"

"Your a wizard, of course your going to get a different box, now pick your department." He said roughly. I reached my hand in there without hesitation and pulled out a black piece of paper that looked different from the others.

"What do I live in a dungeon or something? Your making me feel dark and gloomy." I said holding the slip in my hand as he placed the chest back onto his shelf.

"Well your a wizard, get use to it." He said grabbing a couple of old books and putting them onto his large desk that I sit infront of. "Go ahead open it up."

"What's it going to say? Cell 1, Cell 56?" I said in a smart tone starting to open the slip of paper. It read Leocaptivius in bold orange letters. A badge to the left side of the paper. "Wow I'm actually considered normal here." I said getting up attempting to leave. He stepped infront of me.

"Your not aloud to leave, I haven't dissmissed you." Anger built up in me again.

"Why can't I be like any other student?! I have a tattoo, so what. Why can't you treat me like the kid I want to be!" I said getting closer to his face.

"Sit down Miss Edges." I groaned and walked back to the small black chair. So what if I was Leocaptivius, like he said it doesn't make you special. But then why is he excluding me from all the other students!

"Hurry up, I'd like to get home to do the homework I don't have, then never come back here again." Odegen sat behind his desk, directly infront of me.

"Look Miss Edges, I know your probably thinking this is the worst school ever. But you came here under the enforcement of your parents, I have a signed contract having them signed it before you were seperated." I looked at him, even madder now! I hated my parents! They sent me to a orphanage to be treated like crap!

"No, I'm not coming back here." I said crossing my arms. "Now if you want to talk to be, to bad talk to my mentor, because I despise you and every teacher that you've hired." Finally letting me leave, I ran out of the school. I didn't look back, I just ran and ran. I ran through the forest, through bushes, not caring if something were to attack. I ran into Gravlins cottage. To find him and Odegen standing next to eachother facing me. I was breathing hard from running so hard and being out of shape.

"You've gotta me kidding me!" I screamed running past this and slamming my door closed. Gravlin immediatley came knocking on my door. I couldn't believe this school was stocking me! "Go AWAY!" I screamed.

"My house my rules." Gravlin warned me once again. I just wanted to be alone!

Authors Note: I don't know what it's going to take to get more people to read my book. But please just comment, like, tell your friends, add me as an author, add this book. Do whatever, just please read this book. This is like my first good book and I'm proud of it! ;D

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