New Journey

5 Bestfriends Sarah,Norma,Kayla,Ingrid, & Kellyy.... Planned A Trip To Go On A Cruise , One Day Norma Didnt Feel Good So She Went For A Walk Kayla Noticed Norma Was Takimg Forever , When Kayla Went To Look For Her , When She Finally Found Her , Norma Told Her Something That Can Change The Girls Lifes For A Great Happy ever After......


9. The Tour Of Paris

So we had gotten off the ship and into the heart of Paris city. I didn't ever think this day would come, but it did and it was perfect. We walked around for a while enjoying the view. I was excited for tonight. That would be a dream come true. But I wasn't going to believe it was going to happen until it was happening. “Well girls I guess we should go get your dresses.” Zayn said shrugging his shoulders. “No, not quite yet Zayn. There is one more place to go.” Niall said with a huge smile. “And where would that be? Nandos?” Zayn asked in reply. “MMMMM Zayn why did you mention it!? But no the Eiffel Tower.” Niall said “But I thought we had planed.....” Harry started to say before Niall interrupted him. “yes I remember but I have a point to prove... Just come on!” Niall said as he started to walk off. WE all looked around at each other shrugged out shoulders and walked with him. I was curious as to what Harry was going to say. Lately I had been very interested in what he had to say. We arrived at the Tower and it was astonishing. Norma ran over to me and hugged me. As always I hugged her back. “Kayla meeting you changed my life completely, having you come stay with me those few months made me feel good and just amazing to knew I had a friend who cared to just pack up and leave for me. And now I must thank you for making my dream come true. Thanks for convincing me to move from the states to here. Love you.” She said “Norma I'll always be here for you. And no it is I who should thank you. I'd still be back in my little town and doing things I shouldn't have I not met you. And we made our dream come true. We deserve for it to we worked hard to get here.” I replied “Well lets get to the top people!!” Niall said. So we all started our way to the top of the tower. We got up there in no time thanks due to the elevator. “Okay now what Niall” Liam asked “Look at the view is it not amazing?” Niall said “Yea it's pretty amazing.” Zayn said. “Now boys take a step back and look at these amazing girls up here with us. Tis is not more amazing?” Niall said with a big smile “Now that it is Niall, that it is.” Liam said. The girls and I just started smiling majorly. The boys came over and gave us hugs. “Okay point proven, Now lets go eat!!!!!!!!! Then dress shopping!” Niall said “What point?” Lou asked “That this is a once in a life time thing to be in such a beautiful place with 5 amazing girls” Niall said. “That's deep man” Zayn said. We all got to the bottom and walked to a little restaurant and ate. Now was the task of finding a dress.....
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