New Journey

5 Bestfriends Sarah,Norma,Kayla,Ingrid, & Kellyy.... Planned A Trip To Go On A Cruise , One Day Norma Didnt Feel Good So She Went For A Walk Kayla Noticed Norma Was Takimg Forever , When Kayla Went To Look For Her , When She Finally Found Her , Norma Told Her Something That Can Change The Girls Lifes For A Great Happy ever After......


7. The Talk With Harry

That next morning I woke up.... But not in our room. It looked a bit like Harry's room.... I heard people talking outside the door, it sounded like Sarah and Lou so I knew I was in Harry's room. Just as I was about to walk out Harry walked in. “Harry what happened last night??” I asked him “You did it again” He told me. “Great...... over 14 years clean...... take a cruise and then bam do it again...... Well at least it was just what was there last night..... I did worst..” I told him “You promised me Kayla......” He said “I know Harry, I'm sorry. All I remember is walking in there and this chick grabbed me.. I'm sorry I failed you.... I didn't mean to” I said. My eyes started to water up. “It's okay Kayla, I just want the best for you..... because I think I …...” He started to say “You what?” I asked “I love you” Harry said quietly “I think I love you too Harry. I pinky swear I won't fail you again.” I said. Harry picked me up and hugged me tight “Thank you.” He whispered quietly, then kissed me. All felt right. I don't know if it was when I looked into his eyes or saw that smile that came across his face when he saw me. But I knew it was meant to be. “Hey guys come on breakfast is done!! We need to all have a group talk okay!!” Sarah yelled to us. “Coming!!” Me and Harry yelled back. “Well I guess we better go then huh?” Harry said “I guess so. C'mon” I said. We walked out and sat down at the table with the others
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