New Journey

5 Bestfriends Sarah,Norma,Kayla,Ingrid, & Kellyy.... Planned A Trip To Go On A Cruise , One Day Norma Didnt Feel Good So She Went For A Walk Kayla Noticed Norma Was Takimg Forever , When Kayla Went To Look For Her , When She Finally Found Her , Norma Told Her Something That Can Change The Girls Lifes For A Great Happy ever After......


15. The Place

So time went on. Norma, Ingrid, Kellyy and I bought a condo down the street from Harry,Zayn,Niall,and Liam's, Which was across from Sarah and Louis's flat. We had all settled down and things got peaceful. The boys started there Up All Night tour and were hopping place to place. We all have a big skype at night and talked to them. We missed them a lot and we knew they missed us. Some skypes got really emotional. The boys would tear up sometime and that would make us tear up. The boys had finally been able to take a 4 day weekend. We were all very excited. The first night they were in town we watched films and just simply cuddled. It was the best feeling ever. Harry still gave me the butterflies in my tummy, like when we first laid eyes on each other. It was finally morning and the boys told us they had a big plan for us today. We got dressed and around 1 O'clock we headed out. We were in the car for what seemed like a few hours when we finally reached this place. It was way off in the back roads. England's country side was amazingly beautiful. I looked around and noticed a large building and a lake. I knew we weren't swimming because it was winter. “We are here lovely girls!” Louis said. The boys came and opened our doors. We got out and walked in the building. Inside the building was four big rooms. “So like where are we?” Ingrid asked.” “We are at building haha” Niall said “No forreal Niall where are we?” Ingrid asked. “We are at a place that has like different activities you can do. Like here there is a chalk room, a lazzer tag room, a place to eat and a paint room.” Liam said. “this sounds fun!” Kellyy said. “It will be” Louis said We got in all white clothes the people had there for us. It was amazing we were having the best time ever. Niall started to get hungry so we got something to eat. “This is such a fun place!” Ingrid said. “It really is!” Niall said. “So I want to know what the whole cruise was about..” I said “Well um you see.........” Louis started
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