New Journey

5 Bestfriends Sarah,Norma,Kayla,Ingrid, & Kellyy.... Planned A Trip To Go On A Cruise , One Day Norma Didnt Feel Good So She Went For A Walk Kayla Noticed Norma Was Takimg Forever , When Kayla Went To Look For Her , When She Finally Found Her , Norma Told Her Something That Can Change The Girls Lifes For A Great Happy ever After......


6. More Problems

“Where are you going Kayla!?” Sarah asked me. She sounded a bit worried

“To find Ingrid!! You stay here with Kelly and Norma.... I'll be back.” I replied

“Please be safe! We love you!” Sarah said.

“love you guys too and I will.” I told her as I walked out of the bar. I had no idea where Ingrid and Niall could be... I was scared they might have gone somewhere. Though I trusted Niall not to do anything,Not that I didn't trust Ingrid I didn't trust drunk Ingrid. I searched and searched and searched.... I couldn't find them. I went back to the bar and everyone had left.. I thought it couldn't get worst. I saw this really bright light coming from the back of the bar. I walked back there to see a group of people back there in a circle.

“Come join us Blondie” Some random guy in there said. I took a few steps closer to see what was going on. Now I think it's safe to say correction I didn't think from here it could get any worst. Some girl grabbed my hand and sat me down beside her............ after that the rest of the night was a blur
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