New Journey

5 Bestfriends Sarah,Norma,Kayla,Ingrid, & Kellyy.... Planned A Trip To Go On A Cruise , One Day Norma Didnt Feel Good So She Went For A Walk Kayla Noticed Norma Was Takimg Forever , When Kayla Went To Look For Her , When She Finally Found Her , Norma Told Her Something That Can Change The Girls Lifes For A Great Happy ever After......


3. Almost Time

We were all getting ready. It was about time to walk out the door. We didn't ware a lot of makeup because we knew they didn't like it. We had heels and pretty dresses on. We had brought at least one dress in case of an occasion to ware them. “Okay girls are we ready!?” Sarah asked us as she slipped her shoes on. “Omg! Yess!! This is going to be perfect!” Ingrid said to he. We all shook our heads in agreement. We walked out of our room and locked the door behind us. We had almost made it there when we passed a coffee shop. “Guys go ahead I know where it is I am going to get a coffee.” I said “Okay love be careful we will let Paul and the boys know.”Norma said to me as they walked off. I was in love with coffee it was my addiction, I was feeling nervous so I got one. I went in and got my coffee. As I walked out the door this guy ran into me, busting the cup all over me and everything. “I'm so sorry ma'am! Do you need help?” The guy asked me. I couldn't say anything I was starting to tear up. I ran back to the room. I took of my dress and put on a pair of tights and a long pink shirt. I put back on my black heels, put my pink kiss necklace. I ran out of the room locked it and ran to the elevator to go upstairs. I finally reached the door to the restaurant. “Ah you must be Kayla?” Paul asked me. “Yes I am. I'm super sorry I'm late I had to go change someone got coffee on me.” I replied “It's fine lovely. Now go in there and get seated they are waiting on you.” Paul replied as he held the door open for me. I walked in took a deep breath and opened my eyes............

-Writer Kayla-
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