bestest friends


9. Chapter 9

Louis's POV

When I pulled Niall aside, I felt like the worst person on Earth just thinking about what I was about to do.

"What is it Louis?" Niall asked.

"Tell you really love Sammi?" I demanded.

"Well...she is my princess...why wouldnt I?" he asked.

"No reason..." I replied with a shrug.

"You love her dont you?" he asked.

"Ya...its something about her that makes me fall in love with her. What do you feel when you guys kiss?" I questioned.

"Its just a normal kiss..." he replied with a shrug.

"Please Niall, if you know whats best for would let her choose." I said, as I patted his back...then walked back into the room.

As I walked into the room, I saw Harry kissing Sammi. What the hell happened when I was gone?!

"Harry...stop...." Sammi said, as she tried to pull away but Harry just kept on kissing her.

"Harry, stop." I demanded as I pulled him away from her.

"Oh hey Louis." he said like nothing happened...then he walked out of the room.

"Sammi, are you alright?" I asked her.

"Better that you are here..." she responded with a wink.

"Sammi, it would be better if you were with sorry babe, but its for whats best for you." Niall said as he walked in, with a tear stained face.

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