bestest friends


7. Chapter 7

Niall's POV

Those words pierced both me and Sam... "I object!" when I turned to see who said that, it was Ryan's girlfriend Brooke. Everybody gasped. I mean, why would she object to this?!

"Brooke, sit down and let them resume to what they are doing." Ryan said as he stood up.

"No! Why should I?! I mean she is a selfish little ass is what she is. I mean look who she is with...The Niall Horan! I mean why would he want to be with her?" she yelled while pointing at Sam.

"Brooke, I better sit your ass down before things get ugly." Sam warned through gritted teeth.

"Oooooh, im so scared." she replied sarcastically as she turned to the crowd.

"You see, I was the cause of Sam's parents' death. I was the car that smacked into their's ok?! Not to mention she just uses-" before Brooke could say anymore, Sam tackled her down after taking off her heals. I started laughing along with Ryan cause it was so funny...then it got serious...

"Sam, if you marry Niall...I will kill Ryan." Brooke warned as she placed a knife up to Ryan's neck.

"Touch him...and so help you. You would wish you were in hell." Sam warned.

"Ooooh whats she going to do? Are-" Brooke began...but then there was a *bang* that caused everyone to duck to the ground. I looked up and saw her (well him depends on which way you think about will see later).


Sam's POV

There was a huge *bang* that caused everyone to duck to the ground, scared.

"Are you Samantha soon to be Horan?" she/he asked me.

"Yes I am." I replied confidently.

"Well I am here to save the day." he/she responded. Who was this person?!

"Thank you, but who are you?" I asked.

"I here am Madea!" Madea exclaimed as she/he walked up to me and helped me up.

"Thank you so much Madea!" I said and gave her a hug, but she pulled away disgusted.

"I dont do hugs, I dont do kisses, all I do is kick ass!" she said, as she looked around the room.

"Where is that chick that ruined this for you?" she asked still searching.

"BROOKE!" I yelled...then I hear chuckling from behind us....we turned around and saw her holding Ryan in a head lock.

"Who's the guy?" Madea whispered in my ear.

"My oldest cousin Ryan..." I responded as my voice got shaky.

"Put the guy down, before it gets ugly!" Madea warned.

"Who's gonna make me? Grandma Flack?" Brooke asked with a snort at the end.

"Who the hell is Grandma Flack?" Madea asked.

"That would be my ex-girlfriend." Harry pipped up, while rubbing the back of his head.

"So your telling me, some grandma dated you?" Madea asked as she looked at him, causing me to cover mouth from bursting into laughter.

"Ya...well I have a thing for older women..." he replied.

"Oh isnt that sweet, you make them feel young...well dont worry I am only 56." Madea said jokingly, as she turned back to Brooke and Ryan...Ryan looked pale...too pale. Thats when I had it...I ran and jumped on top of her, not caring if I had a short dress on or not. I heard a few whistles, but that didnt bother me. Ugh people need to get a life. I suddenly felt sharp pain in my stomach...thats when I looked down and found the knife inside of me...the last thing I heard were gun shots and yelling for me to stay with them.


Madea's POV

Wow, Sam must be very crazzzzzy for risking her life for her cousins...well I wouldnt blame her. I sat next to this one guy...he wore TOMS shoes...which happend to be way much better than my grandma shoes...ANYWAY!

"So whats your name?" I asked him while looking around like I didnt say anything.

"The name is Louis Tomlinson...who are you?" he asked while looking at me.

"I am Madea." I responded with a smile, which exposed my dentures.

"Its nice to meet you, and thank you for saving my loves oldest cousin." he responded...wait I thought the blondie was the one going to marry Sam.

"I thought the blondie was going to marry her." I asked confused.

"He is...but it doesnt mean I still love her." he sassed. Oh hell no. I smacked him upside the head one.

"What was that for?" he asked confused.

"You dont sass me." I responded, just as a male nurse walked up to us.

"Are you guys here for Samantha?" he asked.

"Why yes we are." I responded with a smile.

"Well, her heart is still beating which means she is alive, but she is still unconcious." he replied...I looked over to Louis and found him in tears. I sighed.

"What will it take for her to stay alive?" I finally asked.

"Well...we are trying everything we can right now, but we wont have enough blood for her surgery." he replied.

"What type of blood is she?" I asked.

"She is A+." he responded.

"Im not A+ though..." Louis said as tears poured down his face.

"How many pints?" I asked.

"2 of them." the nurse replied.

"Come on...lets go." I said while standing up and walking to the blood work room, I could feel his eyes on my butt the whole time.

"Stop staring at my ass, and come on!" I yelled without looking behind me, soon enough he caught up with me...and I got 2 pints of me A+ blood taken away from me, just for you Louis...just for the love of your life.


Louis's POV

I could never be so greatful in my life I mean, Madea just gave 2 pints of her blood just to help save Sam...I owe her big time!


                                     ***3 hours later***

Everyone was here like they were before, I saw the same nurse walk out back here...

"Ok, Samantha is doing really great now...she is awake...and one thing I should warn you about...she doesnt have any memory of what happend recently in these past 5 years." he said...thats when I lost it, I ran to her room and....

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