bestest friends


6. Chapter 6

                                 ******AT WEDDING******

Sam's POV

Maya was my brides maid....ya Maya my bestest friend thats a girl, yup that Maya.

My maid of honor was Kaitlyn....ya another one of my bestest friends thats a girl.

Lou (One Direction's stylist) was doing my make up and dress well I was wearing it right now. It came down to my knees, was blue on top along with little pink sparkles, then on the bottom it was all white. Yup me a girl that eats like Niall isnt afraid to wear white to a wedding, especially mine.

"Sam, are you excited?" Lou asked me, as she finished my make up and began my hair.

"More than excited!" I replied, as a smile crept upon my lips. The one smile I could not contain anymore. I never thought that this day would come...I mean me and Niall getting married. Just as Lou finished my hair, there was a knock at the door...which Lou opened...and before my eyes appeared my oldest cousin Ryan...he was going to be giving me off, since my parents had passed away. I saw his eyes instantly get glossy when he saw me. I stood up from the chair and ran into his arms.

"Sweety, you are growing up so fast!" he whispered in my ear.

"I will always be your little cousin." I promised as we broke free, by now he was in silent tears. I looked at him and wipped them away for him.

"You are so beautiful." he whispered, making me smile...and my eyes get glossy. I hugged him once more, just as the music came on signaling me that it was time.

"Are you ready princess?" he asked while we interlocked arms.

"Ready as I ever will be." I replied while wipping my eye a little, as we began walking down the asile. I looked up and met eyes with my soon to be husband, he looked amazing...he had on a blue tux with black dress shoes. Once we reached Niall, me and Ryan let go of each other, gave a hug and a kiss on the cheek...then Ryan walked off, leaving me with Niall, and the others. In the order behind Niall it went Liam, Louis, Harry, then Zayn. Behind me it went Kaitlyn, Maya, Tara (best friend thats a girl), and Chloe (another one of my bestfriends).

Soon as the person asked if anyone objected, those words stuck in my head.....

"I object!"

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