Wake Me Up

This is about a girl (20) that is best friends with Louis Tomlinson. Her name is Darcy she has known Louis since she was 2. Then when he auditioned for the X-Factor it disappered. Will they see each other again? Read to find out.


5. Hospital

Darcy's P.O.V

I ran to my car and rushed to the hospital.

I ran upto the front desk and asked the lady if he was ok she just said sit down and I'll tell when u can see him.

I was sitting for 15-30 minutes when these same four boys walked into talk to the lady.

*1 hour later*

The lady at the front desk said that Lou was awake now. I ran to his room and right when I walked I could see his eyes flicker." Hey Lou" " Hi Darcy you have know idea how much I missed you" " Why did'nt you ever call it's been the same number since you left?" " I thought you would've forgot me" right when I was about to reply four boys walked in same boys. I know them I just haven't even talked to them. " Lou your okay we thought we lost you" said someone in a heavy Irish accent. I'm pretty sure his name was Niall.


Louis' P.O.V

" Yup I'm okay just a little sore. Anyway can I talk to Darcy alone?" "Yeah sure." said Harry. After they all left I started conversation with Darcy. " Darcy can I ask you something?" "Yeah sure Lou. What's up?" "I never forgot you I always talked about you. Ever since the 6th grade I have always liked you. Sooo will you go out with me?" "Yes Lou you have know idea how long I've waited for you to ask me that." "Really???"

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