Wake Me Up

This is about a girl (20) that is best friends with Louis Tomlinson. Her name is Darcy she has known Louis since she was 2. Then when he auditioned for the X-Factor it disappered. Will they see each other again? Read to find out.


6. Date

Darcy's  P.O.V


Getting ready for my "date" with Lou. He is taking me to the downtown thing going on right now.

After I was ready I text Lou " Hey I'm ready" "Kk be there in 10". About 10 minutes later I hear a knock I walk over open it and there is Lou wearing his usual outfit. "Hey Darcy. You ready to go?" " Yes."

We arrive there in less then 15 minutes.

A/N Hey guys have you heard the album yet? It's amazing!! My favorite song is "Kiss You"

Darcy's P.O.V

When we step out of the car it automatically starts snowing.Louis walks over to me and grabs my hand. We walk for about 5 minutes "Wanna go ice skating?" "Sure Lou!" We walk to the rink thats's in the middle of town and strap on our skates. I step on the ice and right away I fall but before my butt hits the ground I feel someones strong arms catch me."Thanks Lou" "You're welcome, Love"


I have no motivation to write now and I also have no ideas. If you have any kik me:lissbear13 and I will make sure to mention you. And if you wanna become part of my story tell me your name and if you wanna be in a realtionship tell me who :)

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