Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


54. Twirls & Fires

Sorry about the wait, but I needed a break!

This is kinda a filler chapter, but I felt it was needed and it was specifically requested ;)

Next chapter should pick up!

Love you all<333



Kodie’s POV



“Don’t you dare drop me!” I warned Niall as he dipped me. I arched my back and felt my head get closer to the floor.



Niall’s hands left my back and I squeaked in alarm as I felt myself falling; at the last possible second he pulled me back up and twirled me around. One hand was on my lower back and the other was holding my hand.



We had been dancing for over an hour, only taking a break to eat. Niall was reluctant to let me go and quick to pull me back to him, almost like he was afraid I’d run away.



“You almost dropped me!” I slapped his chest.



Niall pulled me closer to him and I felt his chest rumble with laughter. “I would never let you fall.” Niall assured me. “I’ve got you and I’m never letting go; never.” He kissed my right cheek. “Ever,” Niall kissed my left cheek. “Ever,” He annunciated the last word by pressing his lips to mine. I pulled away and smiled at him; corny, but cute.



The music changed to “I’m Yours” and we swayed to back and forth to the beat. Niall softly sang the lyrics to me:


Scooch on over closer dear,

And I will nibble your ear.


On that line, he whispered the words into my ear, his lips lightly brushing against my skin, causing a shiver to pass through my body.



“How do you like your formal?” Niall asked.



“I love it,” I answered honestly. “Rose told me that last year the food had gone bad and half the people at the dance got sick. Quite glad I missed that and I’m here with you instead.”



“Well good because I like being here with you too,” he told me.






“Niall, touch the dough and your dead.” I threatened.



Currently, we were at his home and I was baking cookies for the end of the year party in my marketing class. Niall had been asking me for a taste every two minutes; it was beginning to get very irritating.



My jaw dropped as I felt something cold and sticky being wiped down my nose. I slowly turned towards him, “You did not just do what I think you did.”



“What?” Niall asked innocently. “You told me not to touch it and I didn’t; the spoon did.”



I scowled at him; he should be feeling extremely lucky that I couldn’t tackle him otherwise he’d be dead by now. “You think you’re smart huh?” I took a spoon from the bowl and swiped some dough onto my finger as I brought the spoon towards to my mouth.



“Uh y-yeah,” he stuttered as I stalked towards him.



Once I was standing in front of him, knowing he was up against the counter, I slowly pulled the spoon out of my mouth getting a sense of satisfaction as I heard his breath hitch. I tilted my head to the side as I trailed my finger down his chest.



Leaning in until I could feel his breath against my face, I brought one hand up to cup his face. I quickly brought my cookie dough covered finger up and swiped it down his nose. Niall let out a cry of protest as I stuck my tongue out at him. “That’s what you get for messing with me,” I smirked.



“Oh no you don’t,” Niall said as I backed away from him. He caught my arms and wrapped them around his neck before dipping his head and licking the dough off my nose.



“Ew!” I scrunched my nose up. “That was gross.”



“Sorry that I can’t help myself; you always look good and now you taste even better.” Niall laughed as my cheeks flamed red at his insinuation.



Niall moved his hands down to the back of my thighs and lifted me up, my legs wrapping around his waist. He placed me on top of the counter and I could feel him looking at me. “What?” I asked.



“Are you going to help me remove what you smeared on my face or do I have to do it myself?” Niall asked.



“Possibly,” I teased. Niall huffed and I laughed before taking his face in my hands; I leaned forward and licked the dough off of his nose. “Better?”



“Much,” Niall responded before pulling my face towards his and kissing me.



I tangled my hands in his hair as he moved in the space between my legs. Because I still had to wear this damned back brace, Niall couldn’t place his hands on my hips, so instead he ran his hands up and down my bare legs. Niall’s rough hands against my skin gave me chills and as I shivered, Niall’s lips pulled up into a smile.



Niall traced my lips with his tongue and I opened my mouth allowing us to explore each other’s mouths. I tugged at his hair and he let out a groan; this time it was my turn to smile. Niall knew my weakness and I knew his.



Slowly, I reached under the hem of his shirt and let my fingers skim the waistband of his jeans. A low growl sounded from the back of his throat and before I could react, he pulled me forward so there was no space between us and I was balancing on the edge of the counter.



He pulled away only to begin kissing down my neck, biting his way down to my collarbone, pushing aside my shirt before following the path back up and finding my lips once more. Niall’s kisses wiped all other thoughts from my mind; all I could think about was the presence of his lips on mine. Without my knowledge, my hands traveled back down towards the bottom of his shirt; before I knew it, the shirt was off his body and my hands were trailing over his skin, following the lines of his muscles.



The smell of something burning brought me back to my sense and I reluctantly pulled away from Niall, who didn’t take this as a cue to stop. He just went to kissing my neck, “Niall?”



“Hmm,” he mumbled against my skin.



“Do you smell that?” I asked, trying not to get lost in the feeling of his lips against my skin.



Niall shook his head, his hair tickling my face. “All I smell is you and you smell delicious,” he told me.



I didn’t want to, but I pushed against his chest. “It smells like something is burning,” I said. “Shit! Niall there are cookies in the oven!”



“Wait, what happened?” he asked, sounding extremely confused.



“Go get the cookies out of the oven before they decide to combust!” I yelled and he moved his body away from mine.



“Fuck, that’s hot!” I heard him hiss. “I got it, nothing is on fire!”



“Thank God,” I breathed out. Niall laughed and I heard his footsteps come back before he situated himself in between my legs once more. “It’s not funny! They could’ve gone up in flames and now I need to make more. This is your fault,” I poked his bare chest.



“How is this my fault?” he asked, barely containing his laugh.



“Because if you hadn’t been kissing me, I would’ve been able to hear the timer go off.” I jabbed my finger into his chest, proving my point.



Niall laughed and I could feel his shoulders shake from where my hands were resting. “It’s not my fault that you think I’m irresistible,” he said and I could picture him wiggling his eyebrows at me.



“You’re not that irresistible,” I protested. “You just distracted me.”



“What’s the difference?” Niall asked and before I could respond he cut my answer off with another captivating kiss.

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