Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


57. Shopping & Swimming

The next two days that we were in Mexico was a lot of fun.



We spent the first day sight-seeing and roaming the streets of Mexico City; the first concert was extremely loud and incredibly fun. Since the boys knew next to no Spanish, Kodie and I were the designated translators.



The six of us bought matching sombreros as a way to remember this trip. Louis said an I quote, "I can't be here and not buy a fun hat."



Kodie and I spent the next day walking around the streets and entering any shop that sounded interesting.



"Yo quiero comprar eso," I said to the shopkeeper as I handed over our purchases.



We had entered a small shop on the end of the street because Kodie wanted to get something as a souvenir for herself and Rose.



I had been describing the things the store had and she eventually found a selection of scarves that she was interested in. Kodie would try them on and ask for my opinion; she had just draped a colorful one around her neck and after my expert fashion advice, she decided to buy it.



The shopkeeper put out purchases in a bag and wished us a good day. I took Kodie's hand in mine and together we walked into the bright summer sun.



"How are you liking it here?" I asked her.



"It's perfect!" Kodie grinned. "Just being surrounded by so much culture is amazing."



I nodded, "I know what you mean; you don't get to experience anything like this in England."



We retraced our steps and walked back to the hotel while soaking in the sun.



The cool air hit us like a wall as we walked into the hotel lobby.



When the lift doors opened Louis, Zayn, Liam and Harry stood there dressed in their swimming trunks.



"We're going to the pool," Louis said excitedly.



"I can see that," I raised an eyebrow.



"Want to come?" Zayn asked.



Before I could respond Kodie cut me off, "Yes!"



"We'll meet you down there once we get changed," I said. They stepped out of the lift as Kodie and I stepped in.



I hit the button for our floor and hugged Kodie from behind as we waited for the doors to open once more.



"Thank you for bringing me along," Kodie tilted her head up towards me.



"No problem. I honestly didn't want to say goodbye to you again." I admitted.



"Really?" Kodie said. I nodded, our cheeks brushing and a small smile crossed her lips. "I didn't want you to leave either."



I pressed a kiss on her cheek and watched slowly as her cheeks slowly turned a shade of pink. It's amazing how I could make her blush; she's never had that reaction to me before and I liked it. A lot.



The lift doors dinged and I took her hand, leading her back to our room. We each had to pair with someone and obviously Kodie and I were together; then it was Harry and Zayn in a room and Louis and Liam in another.



The boys may have been making use of the two beds in the room, but I was so used to falling asleep with Kodie next to me that it was weird not to sleep next to her.



Kodie dropped my hand to search through her bag for her swimsuit. I did the same and pulled out my bottoms.



I quickly stripped out of my clothes and pulled on the bathing suit, turning around when I heard Kodie's voice. "You do know I'm still in the room, right?" she asked.



Grinning, I looked at her and saw that her cheeks were redder than before. "Yeah, what's your point?"



"I-you really-oh, nevermind." Kodie stammered. She had her suit and towel in her hand as she walked to change in the bathroom.



I laid on the bed as I waited for Kodie to come out, but I didn't have to wait for long.



Kodie stepped out with the towel in her hands and one of my shirts covering her.



"Ready to go?" I asked.



"Oh yeah!" Kodie answered.



"Just be careful of your ribs, okay." I warned.



"I will, I promise." Kodie said.



Together we walked out of the room and took the trip down to the pool.



Entering the pool area, I laughed as I saw Louis push an unsuspecting Harry into the pool. Harry resurfaced, sputtering and cursing Louis out. Kodie even let out a laugh as she heard Harry yelling at Lou.



"Cannonball!" I yelled as I ran and jumped into the pool.



I nearly landed on Liam, but he swam out if the way before I landed. I resurfaced to see Kodie stripping off her shirt, revealing the bikini underneath.



My eyes opened wide as I watched her turn around to toss her shirt on the pool chair. My eyes scanned over her toned body, from her head to her perfect bum and all the way down her long legs. All the blood rushed south and I couldn't help but be grateful that I was in the water.



Shaking my head, I slipped underwater and tried to clear my head of my thoughts. Every time we were together it was getting harder and harder to control myself. She was perfect in every way and I just wanted to be with her.



Once my head was above the water again I saw Zayn and Kodie sitting on the edge of the pool dangling their legs into the water.



Slowly and silently I swam towards them, only keeping my eyes above water like a shark.



Zayn saw me coming and opened his mouth to say something, but stayed silent when I shook my head. I swam until I was directly in front of Kodie and then I grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the water.



Before she hit the water she let out a squeak and when she came above water and heard my laughter, she splashed water in my face.



"You're such a jerk!" she yelled.



"Maybe, but I am an irresistible jerk." I pulled her to me and kissed her full on the mouth.



Louis and Harry groaned at our public display of affection, but I was too distracted by the girl in my arms to care.



"Get a room, will you?!" Louis shouted.



I pulled away from Kodie and flipped him off.



Kodie laughed and pushed away from me. "Don't let me swim into a wall, okay." She said.



"But that would be pretty funny," Harry joked. I dunked him under the water and held him there for a couple of seconds.

"Alright, I'm sorry!" Harry gasped when I let him go.



"Good," I said.



"Let's play marco-polo!" Liam suggested.



"Hah! You're all going to lose," Kodie bragged.



"So cocky," Zayn scolded.



I laughed, "Who wants to be it first?"



"Me!" Louis screamed in my ear.



I shoved him away from me, "Fine, you're it. Keep your eyes closed and no cheating."



"Moi? Cheat? I never." Louis gasped at my accusation.



Lou shut his eyes and called out, "Marco!"



We all responded with, "Polo!"



Louis began swimming towards me and I stepped out of his reach. He kept calling out, "Marco" and every time we responded. But every time he followed the sound of my voice.



I danced out of the way of his hands, but he kept coming after me. I spotted Kodie near me and grabbed her waist before tossing her in Louis' path.



"Niall, I'm going to kill you!" Kodie yelled.



Louis called out once more and almost caught Kodie, but she darted out of his reach.



We continued to play marco-polo, Kodie being the last to be caught in all six rounds.



I laughed as Kodie and I walked out of the pool with her quoting the song "We Are the Champions".

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