Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


44. Set Up & Burning Up

Hope the date lives up to your expectations<3


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Kodie’s POV


“Alright, spill. What the hell did I miss last night?” Rose jumped directly on top of me as soon as Niall left. I could tell that she was waiting for my answer; embarrassed, I pulled the blanket back over my head and wishfully hoped that she would leave. “Wait a minute, did you guys…you know, do the deed?” Rose stage whispered.


I threw the blanket down, “Fucking hell, Rose! No, God no; absolutely not!”


She sounded slightly disappointed, “Oh, well. But something happened last night because you two were all touchy, feely.”


“Oh yeah, uh about that…we might have had a bit of a make out session.” I admitted and Rose squealed.


“Damn, when you’re good, you’re good and I’m scary good.” Rose cheered.


“Even though I don’t like you meddling in my personal life, this time I have to say thank you because if you hadn’t said anything to him, I don’t think he would’ve kissed me. So thank you.” I said to her.


Rose grasped my shoulders and pulled me in for a hug, “There is no need to thank me. I’m just glad that everything worked out.” She pulled away from me and slapped the back of my head. “I told you that he liked you! This is why you need to listen to me; Rose knows best.”


“Yeah just like the time you told me to put ketchup on my brownie and then you ended up sick,” I retorted.


“I admit that wasn’t my best idea, but getting you and Niall together is one of my best feats ever.” Rose said.


“I must agree,” I admitted.


“So, tell me, is he a good kisser?” Rose asked conspiratorially. I could feel a blush creep up my neck and onto my cheeks as I nodded. “Oh my God. You have to get ready for your date!” she slapped her forehead.


“It’s only 11 in the morning,” I said after tapping my phone for the time and my phone read it out to me. “And if you want me to get ready without a fight, let me sleep for another 20 minutes.”


“You’re such a pain,” Rose complained, but got off the couch.


For the next twenty minutes, I tried getting comfortable again, but no matter what I did, I just couldn’t fall asleep. As I wrapped the blanket closer to myself, the smell of Niall’s cologne enveloped me and I inhaled happily. Was I being creepy? Possibly. But I don’t really care; I was on cloud 9 and I couldn’t be bothered to come down.


True to her word, Rose woke me up, but not necessarily the way that I thought she would. Rose decided it would be best to push me off the couch; I landed on the floor and hit my head on the side of the coffee table.


“Geez, Rose; just be a little more violent!” I shouted while rubbing the side of my head that was now throbbing.


“Kodie, I am so sorry!” Rose apologized, but the apology didn’t seem too sincere seeing as she was trying not to laugh.


“Yeah, yeah.” I brushed away her hand and stood up by myself. “I’m going to go shower before you decide to break me.”


“I really am sorry!” Rose called out.


I shook my head; one of these days she was going to seriously hurt me. Carefully, I stepped into the shower and washed my hair. I winced as my fingers ran over the bump on my head and gently shampooed the rest of my hair.


When I got out, I pulled on my bathrobe and towel dried my hair. I went to my closet and pulled out one of the outfits that Rose put together for me. Pulling my hair over my shoulder, I braided my hairand loosened it to make it look a bit messier. I pulled on a sweater, a pair of pants and some black Vans. I walked downstairs and sat back down on the couch to pass the time.


“I really like those pants,” Rose commented.


“I thought they were plain,” I said.


“Nope, they’re black with colorful, printed flowers all over.” Rose informed me.


“Huh, good to know.” I answered. “Is there anything good on TV?”


“Nope,” Rose sighed. “I can’t believe you’re going out with Niall while I’m here all alone.”


I gave her a small smile, “I can fix that!”


Pulling out my phone and told it to dial Jason’s number. Rose gasped and lunged at me, but I rolled over and guarded the phone with my body. “Hi Jason,” I said once he answered the phone.


“Hey, Kodie. What’s up?” he asked.


“Nothing much; just the usual.” I elbowed Rose because she had a tight grip on my arm, trying to get my phone. “How have you been?” I asked.


“I’ve been under a huge pile of work, but I’m almost finished.” Jason told me.


“Well, that’s good because I’m going out, but my friend, Rose, needs someone to hang out with if you’re interested.” I said.


“Uh, yeah. If it’s alright with her; I can be over at 2:30,” Jason told me. “What was that?”


At that particular moment, Rose had poked my side and I let out a squeak; she knew that I hated being poked. It tickled and was extremely uncomfortable. “What—oh nothing.” I covered. “That sounds great and Rose will be here waiting.”


“Alright,” Jason said slowly. “I’ll see her then.”


I hung up and Rose shook me by my shoulders. “Why the hell did you just do that?!” she screamed.


“I didn’t want you to be lonely,” I replied as innocently as possible.


“The door was unlocked—what is going on?” I heard Niall’s voice say from the door.


Rose stopped shaking me and I tried to regain my thoughts after they were scrambled around my head. “Your little girlfriend just set me up with a guy I barely know,” Rose screeched.


I pursed my lips and turned towards Niall, “I did no such thing.”


“Rose, do you think that you could stop shaking her; I would my date to be in one piece.” Niall laughed. She didn’t move off of me. “Well?”


“I’m thinking! It’s a tough choice; I want to strangle her for setting me up, but I can’t strangle her because you two are adorable together. Decisions, decisions.” Rose said before finally getting off of me and releasing her grip on my shoulders.


“Thank you,” Niall helped me up from the couch and kissed my forehead.


My heart fluttered in my chest and I let a small smile cover my face. Niall locked his fingers with mine and walked me towards the door.


“Have her back at a reasonable time and no funny business!” Rose called after us.


“Oh dear God, she is so embarrassing.” I mumbled.


“It’s okay with me, she made you blush and you’re so cute when you blush.” Niall told me making me blush even more.


“Where are you taking me?” I tried to direct attention away from myself.


“Now that’s a surprise,” he told me.


“You suck,” I retorted.


“You know you like me,” Niall said.


I turned towards him and quickly kissed him, “Now that is true.”


Niall helped me into the car before beginning to drive wherever it was the date was taking place. The hand that wasn’t on the wheel was grasping my hand, gently running his thumb over the back of my hand.


We continued driving until the car came to a stop; like a gentlemen, Niall came around to my side and opened the door for me.


“I really hope you like this,” Niall said and I could hear the nervousness in his voice.


I squeezed his hand. “Whatever you planned, I’m sure I am going to love it.” I heard the click of the door and was assaulted by an aroma of delicious smelling food.


“Good afternoon sir. You’re table is ready,” a new voice said to Niall.


“Thank you,” Niall responded. He led me away from the door and pulled out the chair for me. I heard him walk to the opposite side of the table before the scrap of the chair told me he sat down. “Now I didn’t want this to be like a traditional date and since the both of us enjoy food so much, I thought we could have a bit of a contest.” Intrigued, I tilted my head to the side. “I’m going to be blindfolded and we’re going to be brought multiple dishes; whoever guesses what it is first wins a point. And by the end, whoever has the most points wins the game. The server will be the referee to make sure that neither of us tries to cheat.”


I grinned, “This sounds like fun. What’s the prize for the winner?”


“The winner gets to choose what the loser has to do,” Niall told me.


“Are you sure you want to play for such high stakes? I think I have a good chance at winning this little contest.” I teased.


“Trust me, you’d be surprised at how good I’ve become at recognizing food.” Niall proudly stated.


“Then let the games begin,” I said with a smirk. “Put your blindfold on.”


The clatter of a plate being put on the table in front of me sounded and I heard the same being done in front of Niall. “Where’s my damn fork?” Niall asked angrily.


“Yeah, I’m going to win this.” I laughed.


“Got it! On the count of the three we’ll take a bite, agreed?” Niall said.


“Sir yes, sir.” I answered.


“One…two…three,” Niall counted down.


I quickly stabbed my fork into whatever was on my plate and took a bite. Whatever it was had a type of sauce and was a pasta dish; I could also detect the taste of a type of meat. “Is this veal parmesan?” I guessed.


“Correct!” the server said.


“Point one goes to me!” I cheered.


“Oh shut up,” Niall complained.


“Your second plate is served.” The waiter said.


“In three, two…one.” I counted. I sank the fork into the food on the plate and picked it up, but the piece I had taken was too heavy to be held on a fork.


“Fish and chips!” Niall cried.


“Correct!” the server repeated.


“And now we’re even,” Niall said and I could picture him sticking his tongue out at me.


“Now for the tiebreaker,” the waiter told us.


There was more clanking as the last plate was set in front of us. “Go!” Niall yelled.  We both dove into the food like the last two times, but before I could even think about what food it was Niall had already shouted, “Yorkshire pudding!”




I pouted, “I hate you.”


“You like me; you just don’t want to admit it.” Niall laughed. “But now to get to choose what you want for dinner.”


“Really?” I perked up. “I would like the fish and chips.”


“I’ll take the veal parmesan.” Niall said and the plates were placed back in front of us. “You know, I kind of like being blindfolded; it makes everything seem so different.”


“It really does,” I agreed.


The two of us ate together, talking about anything and everything; nothing between us was forced and it wasn’t a chore to talk to each other. Niall ordered an ice cream sundae that the two of us shared, him trying to feed me the ice cream, but it usually landed on my nose.


When he finally took off his blindfold, he burst out laughing at my chocolate sauce covered face. I pulled a face, “On a scale of one to ten, how hot do I look right now?”


“Good enough to eat,” Niall told me and to prove his point he leaned over and kissed my nose, taking some of the topping with him.


I wrinkled my nose, “Can you help me get the rest off?” I held up my hand, effectively stopping his face from coming closer to mine. “I meant with a napkin.” I laughed.


“Well, just take all the fun out of it.” Niall huffed, but wiped my face. When I was finally clean of all sundae toppings, he took my hand and led me out of the restaurant. “I have one more thing for us to do before I drop you home.”


We arrived at the next part of our date and we left the warmth of the car. I huddled closer to Niall to keep warm, the wind still seeping through my jacket.


Abruptly we stopped and I heard the click of something before the air was filled with a cackling sound. “Do you remember the bonfires we used to have when we were younger?” Niall questioned and I nodded. At least once a year, usually more, the Horan family and the Evans family would get together in the backyard and have a big bonfire. Greg and Niall would build it so the bonfire was at least six feet tall, if not more. “Well, it’s not a bonfire, but we can still make s’mores.” Niall gently pushed me closer to the cracking sound.


I immediately felt the warmth being given off and smiled; Niall was beyond thoughtful. First, he came up with a date that was incredibly fun and then he recreates one of my favorite childhood memories.


Turning towards him, I stood on my tiptoes to give Niall a peck on the lips. “I love it.”


Niall sat down in a chair that he had set up and pulled me onto his lap; he then wrapped a blanket around us and between the fire and his body heat, I was comfortably warm.


“Kodie,” Niall whispered into my ear; his voice barely broke the silence of the outdoors and his breath tickled my ear.


“Yeah,” I trailed off, enjoying the feeling of Niall’s arms around my waist.


“We’ve been friends since birth and I can’t imagine my life without you.” He said and I felt my heart leap in excitement. “But I think it would be even better if you were my girlfriend. Will you do me the honor and be my mine?”


My heart froze in my chest at his words, that until now, I hadn’t realized how much I had wanted to hear them. I could only get one word out of my mouth:



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