Blinded By You

6 months ago, I lost my eyesight. But life goes on, I attend university in London and one of my best friend's is Niall Horan, from One Direction. But he doesn't know I'm blind. Will he hate me when I tell him? Will he treat me the same? Will I fall for one of his bandmates...


73. Recovery & Unveiling

Here is the next chapter!!!

I tried to make it longer than the previous ones since it is nearing the end of the book. I think the next chapter will be the last.

But I wanted to update before Saturday because I'm going to the 1D concert on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited, it's my first one direction concert and I got tickets on the floor next to the catwalk and near the 2nd stage so I hope I get some good videos & pictures.

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Niall’s POV



During the time Kodie was in surgery I tried to find ways to occupy myself so I wasn’t constantly worrying about her.



I mean, I would be worrying, but if I kept thinking about it, I was going to drive myself insane.



To do so, I scrolled through my twitter feed and answering some tweets while I was online. Then I went to the games that I had and spent a decent amount of time trying to win some Candy Crush levels.



After a couple of hours of trying to keep myself sane, the doctor came into the waiting room where we were all waiting.



“The surgery went smoothly; there were no complications and the nurses are with her now and she should be waking up shortly.” He told us.



The five of us let out a collective sigh of relief and I hugged my parents before turning to Kodie’s parents and hugged them.



“I’m going to call the boys and let them know the good news and I’ll meet you in her room.” I said and left the waiting room.



“Hey man, how is she?” Liam asked when he picked up.



“Good, the surgery went smoothly and she should be awake soon.” I answered.



“I’m really glad to hear that,” Liam said.



“Me too. Can you fill in the others? I want to be there when she wakes up.” I requested.



“No problem,” Liam responded.



I hung up with Liam before making my way to Kodie’s room. I grabbed a chair and pulled it up to her bed, opposite to her parents. Kodie’s hands rested by her sides and there were gauze pads covering her eyes.



We were sitting in silence for a few minutes before Kodie started moving her fingers. The nurse came to her side, checking the monitors before trying to get Kodie’s attention. “Kodie, sweetie, can you hear me?” She asked.



Kodie nodded slightly, “Ye—yeah.” She paused to clear her throat before falling silent.



“The doctor will be in to talk to you further, but I can tell you that there were no complications. The anesthesia will continue to wear off and you should feel like your normal self in just a little while.” The nurse explained to Kodie.



“Alright, thank you.” Kodie said to her. I held Kodie’s hand as the nurse exited the room and then I asked how she was feeling. “I feel okay, a little sluggish, but I’m good.”



“I’m happy to hear that,” I told her. “The boys will be by later to see you.”



Kodie smiled, “Louis is probably going to wreak havoc.”



“Yeah, they all probably will.” I agreed.



The door to Kodie’s room opened again and Dr. Hill walked in. “How is my favorite patient doing?” He questioned.



“I’m doing pretty well,” Kodie said.



“That’s good to hear and I am happy to tell you that everything is looking good. You responded well to the surgery and there were no problems.” Dr. Hill announced; Kodie smiled at that. “We will keep you here overnight just to make sure things are okay and you will be released tomorrow.”



“Sounds good,” Kodie replied.



The doctor then turned to me, “You’re welcome to stay overnight; we can put an extra bed in the room for you, if you’d like.”



“That’d be great, thanks.” I said.



He left the room and Kodie and I just talked for a while until the boys showed up. We could tell they arrived because we heard a nurse yelling at someone for disturbing the patients and running through the building.



“Louis is here,” Kodie laughed and said boy walked through the doors moments later.



“How is my little panda today?” Louis asked. Zayn, who entered behind him, just shook his head.



“Panda?” Kodie questioned.



“Yeah, cause you have white gauze over your eyes, all you need are some black circles in the middle and you could be a cuddly panda bear.” Louis explained to the both of us.



“You are an idiot,” I shook my head.



Louis shrugged as Harry and Liam walked into the room. “You’re just figuring that out now?” Liam joked.



“Well, that’s rude.” Louis muttered.



“How are you?” Zayn asked Kodie.



She turned her head towards the sound of his voice, “Pretty good.”



“We got you a teddy bear,” Liam placed the stuffed animal in her hands.



Kodie ran her fingers over the bear and rested it on her stomach. “Thank you.” Kodie said. “I can just tell that it’s adorable. And hopefully I will be able to see it soon.”



I looked at the other boys and the worry I felt could be seen in their faces as well. What would happen to her if the surgery wasn’t successful?






“Stop picking at the tape!” I swatted her hands away from her face.



Kodie stuck her tongue out at me, “I want to take the gauze off.”



“You’re going to the doctors tomorrow and they’ll take it off then.” I told her for the tenth time. Kodie was getting antsy and she has been trying to take the gauze off early.



We currently are at her parent’s house in her room and we have been watching movies for the majority of the day. So far we had watched Non-Stop and That Awkward Moment and now we were starting a TV show called Supernatural which she claimed she has been wanting to watch for ages.



“Ugh, I feel like I’m going stir crazy.” Kodie said.



I shook my head, “You’re just plain crazy.”



Kodie dropped herself on my lap and I groaned as she landed. “I’m not crazy, I’m unique and wonderful and that’s why you love me.” She turned toward me and pecked my lips.



I put my arms around her and rolled her onto her back, “That is exactly why I love you, plus you’re incredibly sexy.” I cocked my head to the side. “Even looking like half a panda.”



Kodie pushed me and I rolled onto my back, “You’re a jerk.” She moved to crawl off the bed, but I pulled her back and she ended up laying half on and half off of me. “You have sharp hip bones.” Kodie observed.



As she tried to push herself upright, she elbowed my side. “And you have sharp elbows,” I grunted.



“Sorry,” she said.



At least she had the decency to look apologetic.






“We’re going to take off the bandages now,” Dr. Hill said. Slowly, he reached towards the pads and gently pulled them off. “Open your eyes whenever you’re ready.”



I crossed my fingers and held my breath as her eyes blinked open. “Can you see anything?” I asked warily.



Kodie’s face fell as she shook her head, “No, I can’t.”



“Keep in mind, there is a chance that your sight might improve within the next couple of days.” Dr. Hill added. Kodie didn’t seem like she was listening anymore, so I motioned to the doctor for us to leave. He nodded in understanding before whispering to me, “If anything changes, bring her back here.”



The ride back home was silent and I constantly looked over to check on her. She didn’t cry or yell, she just stared out the window and that made me even more nervous.



When we got back to her house she went directly into her room and dropped face-first onto her bed. “Babe, talk to me.” I rubbed her back.



Kodie turned her head to me, “I shouldn’t be so disappointed; I knew there was a high possibility that it wouldn’t give me my sight back. But I guess I got my hopes up too high.”



“You’re allowed to be upset,” I said. “Anyone would be. And it’s not a bad thing that you were hopeful; there was still a chance that it would work and that was something to be hopeful about. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t hope and wish for things to happen. Maybe it just wasn’t your fate and you’re supposed to be an incredible and strong symbol for your fans. You’ve already shown how strong you had to be to get where you are and now you’ll show them how to face setbacks. I know you can get through this; you’re tougher than everyone I know.”



“Thanks,” Kodie sniffed. “I just really wish I could see everyone again.”



“Just let it all out,” I pulled her closer and held her as she cried.






The following day, Kodie was a bit subdued, but everyone could tell she was trying to be happy and energetic.



A couple of times I saw her squinting at things, but whenever I would ask, she would brush it off. The boys came over to help cheer her up and they did a really good job of taking her mind off things. We showed them around town and showed them the places we would go and hangout at when we were younger.



Kodie and I both went to bed that night, exhausted, and it felt like no time that she was shaking me awake. “What? What’s going on?” I asked groggily.



“Niall, look at me.” Kodie said, sounding really excited.



“Yes?” I opened my eyes and saw her face quite close to mine.



“You look so different than how I remember,” she said.



“Well yeah, that’s what happens when you grow…wait, did you just say what I think you said?” I turned fully to face her.



Kodie nodded and grinned, “I can see!”

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